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Q: In photo I saw 2000 mA At the discription you write 4000 mA Which is true?

gevraagd door AggelosGiorpalidis op 2021-04-03 02:25:09

kiwiMark It is a bad measure of battery power. People are familiar with mAh but it is only a good means of comparison when you are comparing devices with the same voltage. This pump has 2 x 2000mAh batteries which provide twice as much watt hours of power as 1 x 2000mAh battery would. This device uses 7.4V at 2,000mAh, which is equal to 3.7V at 4,000mAh - because of this the description is pretty useful. This device has the equivalent of 4,000mAh battery when compared to 3.7V devices.

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Q: How many liters per minute?

gevraagd door CBRTricolor op 2021-11-13 04:43:13

kiwiMark This pumps tyres reasonably quickly at 16L per minute, if that is too slow for you then there is a bigger, heavier imars pump with 3 x 2,000mAh batteries (this one has 2 x 2,000mAh batteries) that pumps at 35L per minute. I have both pumps (as well as the Xiaomi and the Baseus) and this is my 2nd fastest with the bigger imars being my fastest pump. The bigger version is 25% more money, 60% heavier, quite a bit bigger - but it definitely pumps the air at a faster rate (pumping up tyres about twice as fast).

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kiwiMark A barometer measures air pressure, therefore I would assume a baroceptor would be an air pressure measuring sensor.

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kiwiMark I use the Perfect Squeeze mount - hold this phone very firmly. I will be using this phone with that mount on my motorcycle. Some other mounts wont hold the phone well because of the thickness of this phone, but the Perfect Squeeze works. I did disable the quick launch button in the settings so the mount can press on that button without a problem, on the other side the mount presses between the power button & fingerprint reader - I can still use both the fingerprint reader and the power button while this phone is in the Perfect Squeeze mount.

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kiwiMark Turn on, touch probes to each side of the fuse - if the fuse is intact then the multi-meter would give a near zero resistance reading and start beeping. It is very clever in its ability to work out if there is a voltage differential or amps flowing or low resistance - exactly how it does it isn't important, the important thing is that it does work.

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