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happyharrysco1 hey bud how did you get on with the printed parts you were making?

Qube2 2017-01-17 07:40:07
I ordered this chassis as 1:1 replacement for the stock one of my A959. It looks good and solid so I try to rebuild my A959 on this chassis. This will not work out out of the box there is some rework needed or you need to buy more update parts. Here are some issue I had: The major issue is the the drilled holes for rod mount the suspension arms is about 1mm to low. The result is that the stock (plastic) Toon meer
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happyharrysco1 if you swap to the earlier model reduction gear and pinion, (that's if they fit due to the motor spacing being different!) the car will be much slower than intended as the gear ratio is totally differ... See more

Aris1914 2016-10-08 18:26:32
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