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  • mymost
    2019-10-30 11:24:35

    Посылка пришлась быстро, передана в руки курьером. Квадрика упакован замечательно! ХК и Бангуд как всегда, на высоте!

  • 2019-11-14 23:24:41


  • 2018-03-25 11:13:59

    This quad is great fun, its relatively fast and a good upgrade to get use to flying acro/rate mode. I have also created an FPV setup with the quad and am having great fun. Batteries do not last too long, especially with FPV, so would suggest buying additional batteries. Perfect quad for beginners to acro mode, or who want a more powerful quad with self level/angle mode. I bought the RTF version (with controller) and the controller is a good quality build with a nice display, especially for the tiny

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  • 2016-05-03 11:55:19

    this is a great release by XK, this X100 is a proper 3d mode quad copter just like it's big brother the x350 so when placed into 3d mode the throttle channel is similar to a cp helicopter where anything from 50% throttle up is positive pitch and anything below that is negative pitch. also when inverted the stick inputs are reversed as they should be, unlike the cheaper quads that have a 'easy/fake' 3d inverted mode. i really need to get some more batteries as i can see this quickly becoming my favorite

  • bumpy
    2016-07-18 03:47:32

    light weight and powerfull motors. except motor socket, frame has enough durability. what I surprised is 3D mod in description page was acro(=rate)mod. If you want a quad supports acro this is it. I'm using X7 transmitter. it can bind with X100. X7 transmitter has throttle cut button and sensitive stick. recommend to use with X7 transmitter. In the quad tiny battery is included. It is 3.7v 250mah battery. What I disapointed is battery socket. Battery socket is so small that hard to equip batteries. All

  • dinu55
    2016-06-10 05:33:22

    My first quadcopter which flies in 3D + inverted flight. In 6g flies pretty well. In 3D is very interesting . (I am a beginner in 3D). If you have experience in 3D helicopters, then I think it is quite easy to accomodate with 3d quadcopters. Inverted flight seems difficult , its like inverted flight from helicopters , but it is a little different. Throttle from 50% up - propellers are spinning awry. Below 50% the propellers are spinning in the opposite direction. I think that the key is to accomodate

  • bdm_ru
    2018-12-18 08:31:34

    Заказывал ребёнку в подарок, коробку ещё не открывал, сама коробка в порядке, запечатанная, красивая. :) Пульт уже есть, так что брал BNF. Cрок отправки - неделя, доставка через почтовую службу Maxi-Post, общее время доставки до Москвы составило 24 дня с момента оформления заказа. Курьер

  • 2018-01-27 20:41:58

    The smallest quad in the XK lineup but it does very well. Very stable out of the box, especially considering its mounted with 3d props. Good navigations lights so also a decent night flyer. The 3d mode Works well, but the motors needs a bit more power to be great in this mode. The standard x4 transmitter that comes with the quad is ok, but after only 2 flights with this transmitter I bounded the quad to my Xk X6 transmitter, and the stick feel is so much better with this hobby style transmitter. There

    2016-08-03 09:12:59

    It is a full-fledged quad but was very cheap surprised. There is FUTABA S-FHSS and compatibility. Flight in 6G mode is very stable. 3D mode is a difficult flight, but you can also back flying in 3G.

  • 2018-04-16 10:49:44

    Винты слетают при падении, лучи очень хлипкие для усиления лучей склеил коробочки из коробки от CD диска и приклел снизу на лучи.


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