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  • 12/01/2021

    We had a stock issue when ordered last year but got it sorted perfectly. The order arrived in a well packed box, it is very light in the hand, almost toy weight, just for future reference l believe that a lanyard connection is a suitable addition to the item. You have four intensity settings, full power, half power, strobe and side light. The unit is not as powerful as shown in the description, don't get me wrong the light is bright but not area bright as advertised. The side light option is really nice and bright and the strobe setting is good for attracting attention, main power and reduced power do not illuminate as shown but its bright enough as shown in the pictures plus it has a nice battery state in four green light's and the left side of the handle in the form of four pin light's. Overall it is a nice light torch but it has little less illumination than shown in the advertisement. Would l recommend it.... Yes I would as it is a nice little light torch with a really bright side light. Brightness of the main light was a bit disappointing when I actually saw the light but nevertheless it's a good torch.

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  • 29/03/2021

    Μικρός και πάρα πολύ ελαφρύς φακός LED με εξαιρετικά δυνατό φωτισμό για το μέγεθος του. Προσεγμένη συσκευασία αν και κάνα δυο γρατσουνιές υπήρχαν στο προϊόν, ευτυχώς όχι σε σημεία που να δημιουργείται πρόβλημα. Δεν νομίζω να αντέχει σε πτώσεις και γενικώς σε αντίξοες συνθήκες αλλά είναι ό,τι πρέπει για απλή καθημερινή χρήση. Έφτασε από Κίνα στο κούριερ σε 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες κι από το κούριερ στα χέρια μου, σε 9. Σε γενικές γραμμές, θα το πρότεινα για τα λεφτά του. Small and very lightweighted LED flashlight with good enough lighting for its size. Careful packaging, although there were a couple of scratches on the product, fortunately not in places that could cause a problem. I do not think it can withstand falls and use in wild conditions but it is what is needed for simple applications. It arrived from China to the courier in 10 working days and from the courier in my hands, to 9. In general, I would recommend it for the money.

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    Toon origineel
  • 11/05/2021

    Το όνομα xanes δεν υπάρχει πουθενά. Μέτρια ποιότητα, πολύ πλαστικό! Έχει ένα μικρό δυνατό φωτακι στο κέντρο και αρκετή διάχυση του φωτός. Δεν ρυθμίζεται η φωτεινότητα και η δεύτερη σκάλα δεν έχει διαφορά. Στην τέταρτη τα πράγματα είναι καλύτερα με το πλαϊνό φως, ο λογος που το πήρα! Τα τέσσερα αστέρια είναι πολλά και για μόνο σε προσφορά!

    Toon origineel
  • 18/03/2021

    It has three options for the large projector. 1. Strong light 2. Less light 3. Flashing Very useful and the small diffused light from the body I do not like that everything is done by the same button. You need to press the options several times. The light beam is very strong and very narrow...! It contains a 3.7 volt battery which is quite powerful. The handle is very convenient.

    Toon origineel
  • 15/08/2021

    コンパクトで良いが遠距離重視のためか、近くの明るさは低かったが、サブライトでおぎなえるようですねIt's compact and good, but probably because it emphasizes long distances, the brightness near it was low, but it seems that it can be covered with a sub light.

    Toon origineel
  • 18/02/2021

    (EN) Product as in the description. After unpacking, a small piece of the lantern body fell out. I glued the piece in place, now everything is in order. Shines normally, but not as bright as in the description. Narrow beam. Inside there is one 18650 battery without marking, there is room for one more 18650 battery. You can turn off the flashlight only by going through all the modes.
    (RU) Товар как в описании. После распаковки выпал небольшой кусочек корпуса фонаря. Приклеил кусочек на место, теперь всё в порядке. Светит нормально, но не так ярко как в описании. Узкий луч. Внутри одна батарея 18650 без маркировки, есть место ещё под одну батарейку 18650. Выключить фонарь можно только перебрав все режимы.

    Toon origineel
  • 18/01/2021

    Arrived today first impression looks great, and quality has it too, hope I enjoy it for a long time, I'm currently very satisfied with banggood heute angekommen erste Eindruck sieht toll aus , und Qualität hat es auch , hoffe das ich lange Spass damit habe , bin zurzeit sehr zufrieden mit banggood

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    Toon origineel
  • 10/01/2021

    much more powerful than anticipated. I knew it wasn't comparable to the $300 version but this thing is bright and has some distance to the light beam. I will definitely order more once I see how long the charge lasts. it took forever to arrive but well worth the wait.

    Toon origineel
  • 04/09/2021

    Shipment arrived in two weeks. Despite the crushed packaging, the product is undamaged. The lamp is completely plastic but still a very compact design with a convenient holder. The lamp operates in high light, reduced light, flashing and diffused side light mode. Everything works great and bright. There is one Li-ion battery in the lamp, and it would be possible to add another one and thus extend the operating time. I added a strong magnet inside the bottom of the lamp, which allows it to be attached to metal surfaces, and a string in the handle, for easier carrying and hanging. For that money, this is certainly one of the better and more convenient working LED lights. I recommend both the product and the seller.

    Toon origineel
  • 29/03/2021

    αυστηρά τέσσερα αστέρια επειδή η μία λυχνία ένδειξης μπαταρίας είναι καμένη. παρόλα αυτά αξίζει η αγορά τού έχει δυνατό φώς.ελαφρια κατασκευή έρχεται μαζί με ένα καλώδιο φόρτισης micro USB. (όχι το κόκκινο τής φωτογραφίας)

    Toon origineel

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