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  • June-20 2018 22:13:12

    Produto robusto em material resistente. A iluminação é realmente forte e atingi uma boa distância pode realmente ser usada como iluminação noturna e não apenas luz de sinalização. Em outras fotos tive a impressão que a bateria seriam pilhas AA recarregáveis mas não são são baterias maiores veja minha foto com referência de tamanho (caneta ao lado) O peso não é dos menores mas estou feliz com minha compra. Vale muito o investimento

  • February-07 2018 02:54:25

    Looks good. Works good. Little to havy. Powerfull light. Modes of light - ok.

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  • October-29 2019 01:55:19

    very good

  • June-12 2019 05:19:15

    buon prodotto ma arrivato con il supporto di fissaggio rotto!

  • May-09 2019 05:41:14

    クランプが4ヶ月で破断した ライトの性能は良かっただけに残念

  • July-13 2020 16:44:17


  • March-28 2018 17:09:50

    The lamp build quality is fine, only thing that the Lithium cells have to be mounted manually by unscrewing the housing was a bit irritating. The light is good brightness and seems to be non glare for oncoming traffic. I have another xanes light with no internal power source and this version here seems to be much less bright but also no complaints from other riders. The light switch is a poor design. You switch through all modes with one button. That means, first press, full brightness front light,

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  • September-24 2018 04:58:13

    I bought it not specific for use as a bike light but as a light "do it all". I use it as a work light too and thanks to the magnets it can stick to iron parts which is handy. If i make a longer trip with my bike i put it on and use it to charge my phone during the ride. The li-ion batteries are 2 x 2000mAh so 4000 mAh in total and they are replacable with other 18650 li ion batteries. The usb connection is on the bottom which i like better compared to usb connections on the back as with other models

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  • February-16 2018 11:18:48

    Заказывал с предпродажи. Пришлось подождать. Выполнен качественно. Металл. Хорошая защита от влаги. Очень яркий, много режимов. Питается от 2х аккумуляторов 18650, в комплекте. Может заряжать другие устройства - то есть работать в качестве повербанка

  • February-11 2018 07:23:07

    Received the package today after waiting almost for a month the batteries wasn't installed which is a good thing I replaced the generic batteries that came with it with Panasonic 3400mAh for extra run time. The bike light put out about I would say it's around 500 lumens if I have to compare to my regular flashlight enough for you to see the road and to be seen .The con is you'll going to activate the top light when you want to turn if off it's bad for your eyes especially in the dark


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