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  • 25/10/2020

    Very good motor glider from volantex. It came undamaged even if it was just in original box, not in double box. If you use original motor, than use 2S battery. If you want to use 3S battery than replace the motor with 2830, 2836, 3536, 4023 or similar.

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  • 15/05/2021

    Buen producto, y calidad acorde a lo esperado en relación al precio. El producto adquirido fue PNP con toda la electrónica montada, salvo los herrajes y varillas de mando, y grupo de cola. Hay que prestar atención a lo complicado que puede resultar atornillar el estabilizador horizontal. En las fotos se puede ver que se necesita de un atornillador bastante largo para poder atornillar de forma adecuada los tornillos. También resulta un tanto complicado (al menos en mi modelo) en ensamblaje de las alas. El sistema de anclaje es mediante una especie de tetón que se ancla entre el ala y el fuselaje; y resulta un tanto justo, necesitándose demasiada fuerza para insertar las alas. También hay que prestar atención al voltaje de la batería necesaria, para la configuración PNP que trae. Se necesita una batería 2S (7.4 voltios) y no una 3S (11.1v) como estamos acostumbrados la mayoría.

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  • Laurie

    Very nice plane. I bought the PNP version, and have fitted a FrSky receiver. Assembly is very quick and simple. The wings are held on by clips that enable them to be removed easily for transport and refitted at the field. I haven't flown it yet, waiting for some better weather. I will use a 1300mAh 3S battery. The battery compartment is very spacious and comes fitted with velcro straps for the battery and a stick on velcro pad which could be used for the receiver. It's easy to alter the battery position to get the CG right. With the receiver and battery fitted, ready to fly, mine weighs in at 895g. I have done a more detailed review at rcgroups, which you will find if you google "rcgroups volantex phoenixs".

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  • Peter

    High quality motor glider for begginers or experience flyers. Good motor for this glider is volantex 4023 850kv or 1050kv and 12x6 propeller and 30A or 40A ESC on 3S 2200mAh battery.

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  • 03/06/2021

    Es fehlten die Anlenkungen der Querruder und auf der Unterseite der Tragflächen ragten die die Holzeinlagen bis zu 2mm heraus und mußten beigeschliffen werden. Mit dem 2s-Lipo Antrieb habe ich mich schnell angefreundet und ich werde dieses Konzept beibehalten. Der PhoenixS ist ein handliches, robustes und schönes Modell, mit dem ich noch viel Freude haben werde.

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  • 22/09/2022

    arrived in Spain in 10 days. box mangled when delivered to my neighbor as seen. will inspect when we get there.

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  • 03/12/2019

    have a look at the state of the parcel. looks like it's come from hell. Bent wing. Don't think I will be displaying the box. I had to use my Ranger wing to fly it. Bloody disappointed

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  • 02/10/2019

    Very happy with this kit, small issue with the motor, you have to use a out runner motor with mounting screws in front of the motor to be correctly installed. but I fix mine with the motor mounted outside.

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  • 25/04/2021

    Good 4 channel motor glider for begginer or intermidiate pilots. Fuselage from plastic and wings from EPO.

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  • 22/04/2021

    Arrived in 4 days from CZ to NL. Perfect! Noticed PNP config is only on 2s not 3s! RTF is 3s. Please this should be mentioned explicitly! Perhaps a recommendation for esc and motor would do good for such a great glider.

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