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  • 28/11/2020

    This is the phone, for real men. Not a phone to repair after every slipoff table, or overpriced lame iPhone kids use these days. I love it. I used Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 PRO before this, it has almost same functions, for me even better UI (I like standard Android 10 newsfeed, not Xiaomi distracted like Times square billboards). It has 6600mAh battery, went 2 days straight using it, still has 30% out of factory delivered 90%.. It is a little big, but lets be honest, men love big manly things. Forget your experience with chinese rugged phones from 4 years ago (Blackview never again), this works great, even UI. AND there is FLIR thermocamera. I am PhD engineering student, this works better than really expensive handheld FLIR devices. Touchscreen, combination of real photo+thermal map, display size, video... Also, it works like snapping photo+thermal map, you could change/customize it later (change color view mode, add point masuremens, customize ot for your application).. For the price I bought it, it was bargain. Armor 9 phone was selled in my country for 1,7x the price I bought it. CONS, there was no endoscope, which I would add to cart if I knew, but, honestly, that endoscope is not that good, compared to the other functionalities. I don't mind it.

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  • 24/05/2021

    emballage propre, expédition rapide, produit impeccable, très bon, tout fonctionne, la camera thermique et très pratique. un petit logiciel de clonage de téléphone, de ULEFONE aurait été bien pratique pour gagner du temps, car il faut réinstaller les applications non playstore. je recommande le produit

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  • 08/12/2020

    Ordered on Nov 20 and received the phone in Toronto, Canada on Dec 7. No damage in the package or the contents. Box was sealed with thin vinyl cover. A thin protected film was already placed on the screen, so I put the tempered glass on top of it. Touch screen works fine. So far so good!

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  • 26/04/2021

    The phone is surprisingly good, much better quality than I expected and it works flawlessly. Battery life is decent, camera is good although the camera app could be better. Fingerprint sensor works really well. Flir thermal imaging camera is a great tool. My only criticism right now is that I'm unable to order any accessories for it, because the warehouse is no longer shipping orders to the UK, which is really annoying. Would I recommend the phone?.... Yes.

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  • 30/12/2020

    przyszła w terminie, a termin wypadał w wigilie. naprawdę świetny sprzęt. porządnie zrobiony. uszczelki takie trochę cienkie, poza tym super. pooecam

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  • 18/08/2021

    Ulefone 9 seems to operate well. It is not too big for me. It is a necessary tool. External battery+phone would be bigger. I use it on the field and outside and on sea as GPS map + phone + apps. Seems to need Garmin Global2 GPS receiver to get 1 m (glonass) placement and internal GPS is like 10 m. Should use glonass. I use extra 30 € cover to protect this. I do not only wish. I hope add wireless Qi charging reveiver micro-USB-C part inside the cover if I ever get it from BG. It do not have iQ, like older models. I already broke 2 ' indestructible' Ulefones before. Ulefone 6 glass with extra shield broke in normal use, mic got moisture and muted and had to boot to get BT reconnect. Ulefone Armor 2 lion battery expanded and broke the phone and display but I liked the phone. This touch screen is the best one of those and operates with (plastic surgeon) gloves too. And software is ok So far mic is ok and dry and receivers like the sound. BT operates for far. I bought magnetic charger cable for fast charging + QC 3.1 -type USB charger too with 4 outputs. IR camera resolution is low, around 50x50 but indicates something and hope to find faults and hot spots. I did not yet find how to get highest temperature digits as was on video, like people with fever or motor temperature. IR was 100€ extra over 9e-model. A real IR camera cost a lot more. One sIm place and one SD place. I managed to connect small Logitech web Steamcam USB-C with extra app directly for inspection pictures. Normal camera app do not select it. OS driver sees it as USB data source.

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  • 04/05/2021

    The ulefone armor 9 phone worked fine, without problems for 5 days. After that it stopped, hung up, didn't load anymore and until the moment I didn't get any concrete information on how the product warranty will be met. I am trying to contact the seller to be able to replace the product with a new one without defect or else indicate a location that will repair the device. If this is not possible, I request the cancellation of the purchase and return of the amount, as well as instructions on how to proceed to return the device.

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  • 09/02/2021

    Super Telefon für alle die ihr Handy als Werkzeug sehen. Die Wärmebild Kamera funktioniert super. Das Handy läuft flüssig nichts ruckelt oder hängt. Einzig für den schlecht platzierten Fingerabdruck sensor gibt abzug. Die Kamera ist für den Preis okey. Generell liegt die Hardware im Bereich eines Samsung A5. Qualitativ verarbeitet gibt nichts zu meckern. Kommt mit Schutzfolie installiert und eine zweite liegt bei. Display ist gleichwertig mit einem iPhone 10. Platz für zwei Simkarten oder eine Sim und eine SD.

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  • 01/01/2021

    Fast delivery. Phone for Real Man.

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  • 03/05/2021

    Excellent sturdy phone! No more worries for scratches, dropping or water. Yes, it's heavy and bulky. But as long as it will withstand the harsh environment (construction site, outdoors), I'm good. The FLIR thermal imaging camera is a cool bonus.

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