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  • 15/08/2021

    happy with the keyboard. delivered so fast here in the uae.

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  • 19/07/2022

    Всё отлично, компактная, работает как надо

    Toon origineel
  • 16/05/2020

    keyboard is awesome, has cool rgb effects, compact size and nice font on key caps. comes with quite long usb c cable. quality is average - all plastic, backspace rattles significantly. I wish it doesn’t have weird spaceing between left arrow and ctrl and led housing on the sides were painted white (or grey), like everything, not teal. overall it’s very solid keyboard in great price

    Toon origineel
  • 22/05/2020

    Клава офигенная, берите, не пожалеете! Индикатор капсов светится другим светом когда включён. Также при подключении провода видно что клава заряжается - часть пробела горит красным. К клаве прилагается программное обеспечение чтобы записывать макросы, менять действия клавиш и т.д. (нашла в вопросах, h t t p s : // go.aws/2UkKG4l) Я использовала прогу чтобы поменять кнопку Pause на кнопку PrtSc. Чтобы набрать букву "Ё" нажмите Fn + Esc. Полосочки сбоку дают просто офигенский световой эффект, смотрите фото. Я оставила стандартную радугу. Цвет полосок можно сделать одноцветным, а можно вообще выключить. Полоски задаются через Fn + Ins, через прогу их поменять нельзя. Клава поддерживает стандартные клавиши формата ANSI но правый ряд будет выделяться по высоте из-за расположения клавиш (потому что в обычных клавах PgUp/PgDn в одном ряду с Home/End а не под ними). На фотках я сменила клавиши на розово-белые (называются pudding keycaps, свои нашла на Алиэкспрессе). Свичи OUTEMU.

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  • 29/05/2021

    the keyboard is very good quality the switches have some metal twang to it but you really don't nitice it if you don't listen to it the collors are great not as bright as i expected but it will get the job done the side leds are brighter then the switches leds so don't know what to think of that but really isn't that big of a deal if you are a first time mechanical keyboard person that watched a lot of keyboard video's like i did you wil probaly be a bit disapointed with the Clicky switches at first but then it isn't so bad but i would recomend you to think wiseley before choosing this clicky switch just because of the sound and i think you may be better of whit red switches and maybe the browns that is kind of my first problem if you are a fisrt time for a mechanical keyboard the clicky switches may be a bit disapointing not because of the quality just because of the sound and maybe the feel i can't discribe why i was disapointed for a second i also had the foot stands whit the magnets the magnets are Extremely strong for this but 3 magnets came loose in the box my last problem was to do whit the insert keycap it had a stain on it what looked like someone had paint on their finger and tried to get it of just a smudge it is a little worse in real life then it looks on the photo overal i would say this is a great keyboard whit a good software download the software from: rkgamingstore.com you need to have your keyboard plugged in for the software to work and have it turned on as well bluethooth is simple but it isn't in the manuals from what i have seen Hold FN+P For 3 seconds and more then go to bluethooth it will then show up that's all

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  • 05/01/2021

    this keyboard is perfect! Good quality materials, PBT key caps, very well lubed stabilizers, plug and play. you can customize the functions via the downloadable software. I extremely recommend it.

    Toon origineel
  • 05/12/2020

    I was really surprised by how fast the delivery was. Received it within a week of placing the order! Overall, really sturdy product, love the keys and the RGB lighting. I love that it's dual mode, wired and wireless so it's compact. I wish it did include a sleeve for it, which I think would have been awesome! Keys are tactile (brown switches) so it's great for those who do typing a lot and bit of gaming. The spacebar does feel a bit heavy when pressed as compared to the others.. But it isn't a huge disturbance to me. Also, does not have media keys. But if it is something you rely on, maybe look elsewhere hehe. As mentioned by other people, the back light under some keys and the spacebar don't smooth over or transition as well as the rest but it's okay, gets my job done! All in all, love it! Super happy with it and so pretty!

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  • 22/01/2021

    Quality of the keyboard is GREAT! There were some things I had to fix. 1st were the magnets that are supposed to go under the feet of the keyboard. I had to glue them back on, because they fell off right when I unboxed the keyboard. 2nd was the annoying red light coming from the space key, I couldn't find another solution so I ended up just taping it with a black duct tape. Overall I recommend it! Bought it with red switches, sounds awesome!

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    Toon origineel
  • 09/10/2020

    The keyboard so far is great there's just one LED in the space bar key that doesn't turn off ever and shines a red color. The color accuracy of the keys isn't sublime, but I'd say for the price this keyboard is reasonably good. Also it comes with a keycap remover and two magnetic keyboard legs to make the keyboard more inclined.

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  • MohVIP1

    Shipping was slow and unreliable. I paid an extra 3 dollars to have it shipped sooner and from the US however they disregarded it and shipped from their warehouse in China, and it took longer than I paid for it to ship. The box came in pretty dented/not the best condition. The package was wrapped in a cheap plastic bag. However, the keyboard itself is an Overall good Keyboard, great build quality, great RGB lighting. The keyboard is Bluetooth compatible however you need to purchase the Bluetooth dongle specified for this keyboard since it doesn't come with the keyboard itself.

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