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  • 14/05/2021

    I LOVE my Pro's Kit SS-331H station! Arrived safely and quickly from Banggood USA warehouse. EXCELLENT price for this AWESOME tool! I NEVER thought I would own a de-soldering station, but thanks to Banggood, I now have one!! Operates EXACTLY as it is designed to. VERY VERY happy with this unit. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Pro's Kit SS-331H! Replacement tips, filters etc are available from Banggood as well.

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  • 18/10/2021

    Very fast delivering (DHL Express). Good packaging : original carton box wrapped with soldered plastic bag. Material as described. All perfect. Need some practice first to know how to dismount and mount the glass tube on the gun. Good suction and make de-soldering easy. Reach temperature fast. Very happy with this product. Note: the internal fan runs at maximum all the time. It has no regulation, direct to internal 12V. The little vertical light (blue) bar in the front, only showing the pump is running (maybe if you are deaf....) . Be careful by the tube adapter to the unit, it's plastic, do not over tide, it's not necessary. You might break it if tide to much. Note the internal power supply (ZD-P150) can work from 100 to 250 VAC, without any impact on the performances. Mod to do (for myself) : put the power switch from the back to the front panel, temperature regulation for the internal fan. Maybe an improvement to have this blue light bar acting regarding the suction power. Look for youtube's videos that showing some mods. Enjoy this product.

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  • 12/01/2021

    I have received the station pretty quickly . I have a few tools from Pros'kit in my lab and had never problems because the quality is good . This station confirm it. The only problem is that the main switch is on the back side so i relocated in the front side as you can see on photos. My opinion is that this station isn't for professional use .I tried to desolder components from some spare PCBs and went very well on small components. The problem is in the bigger components where i had to place the temperature in the maximum (about 450 Celsius) I was disappointed when i tested the temperature tip and realize the big difference from the lcd reading of the station and my multimeter which was about 90 degrees . I dont have to deal with through whole components every day and many Engineers like me today i suppose. So i think this station should be ok and have it in my lab for years.

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  • 14/09/2021

    the desoldering gun heater has different size compared with zd917 the tips are not compatible this one has ceramic heater and is thinner than zd917 I did not check but I think is possible to interchange the guns with proper wiring ,. I DO NOT LIKE THE PLASTIC CASE! a metal variant would have been a better choice, the plastic is ok and the ac cable is heat resistant.

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  • 04/01/2021

    Reçu avant la date prévue. Pistolet léger et maniable, niveau sonore discret. Appréciable aussi la rapidité de montée en température avec un affichage agréable et à priori précis. Le dessoudage des composants est très efficace avec la buse et la température appropriées aux composants. Une courte pression suffit, inutile d'insister et d'appuyer comme une brute comme je le vois souvent dans des vidéos. C'est comme ça que les pastilles et les pistes finissent par se décoller. Globalement satisfait, à voir la fiabilité dans le temps. Toutefois une mauvaise note pour l'emballage insuffisant. Sans protection avec un deuxième carton, le colis a évidement souffert pendant le transport et la tôle de l'appareil a pris un impact (photo). Il y avait aussi un petit bout de plastic qui se baladait à l'intérieur mais rien de vital. C'est toujours rageant de payer un appareil neuf et s'apercevoir au déballage qu'il est déjà abimé. Pour ça j'enlève une étoile.

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  • 11/01/2021

    Got the unit and noticed that the power cord was Type I (Australia only). Fortunately, I have a Type B for Canada and USA. In had ordered 110 v with Type B but got one that says 220 /240v @ 50 cycles and 90 W. Fortunately I saw John Salt YouTube review where he too got the wrong plug but after disassembly discovered the transformer would accept 110 - 240 v. Put my cord on an it fired right up. Got to 380C and I de-soldered a blown capacitor with no problems. Looks like a solid unit! good bye copper braid wire. From now on it's Pro'sKit SS-331 for me!

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  • 08/11/2021

    Strumento ottimo, dopo aver visto i vari filmati su youtube ho deciso dì acquistarlo. Ritengo attrezzatura necessaria per chi si occupa dì elettronica.

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  • 14/07/2021

    It's a great tool with great price! The only one inconvenience for me is that power button in the back instead of the front. Recommended product!

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    Reçue avec le raccord du tuyau d'aspiration cassé dans le transport. un meilleur emballage aurait évité cela je l'ai réparé avec un embout de gonflage en laiton. Après réclamation le vendeur m'a expédié rapidement un raccord de remplacement 5 étoiles au service pour la rapidité de résolution du problème seul point negatif àmon avis : l'interrupteur marche/arrêt pas pratique pour moi car situé à l'arrière. j'en ai rajouté un en façade avant. bonne station, chauufe assez vite 1 à 2 min, fait bien le job.

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  • 10/08/2021

    Very fast delivery and acording to what advertised, work very well and will be a great help to my work

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