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  • 03/09/2018

    A very useful gadget. excellent for diy use. it is accurate enough to do simple jobs like to set up your car or home amplifiers.you can easily detect the distortion and set up the gain. I bought it for that reason. I added a 3.7v 1600 mAh li po battery with a USB charger + step up module that it fits perfectly inside with minor modifications and now it is works without external 9v battery or power supply.

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  • 29/03/2021

    After having ravaged the LCD on the KIT model for trying to straighten it, it was factory assembled slightly askew, I had to buy the assembled model and cheaper. It is practical, small in size and the result is very interesting. Here is the 1KHz 1 volt sigal in amplitude with a planed leading edge, the square sigal is poorly calibrated. The manual for the previous kit will be used to adjust the variable capacitors on the analog board to correct the rising edges of this oscillogram display. The HOLD function is very practical for this small oscilloscope, the photos prove it with the probe disconnected and the square wave permanently displayed on the screen. That's great...

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  • 07/06/2021

    Ordered May 20th, supposed to arrive May 27th but got stuck before plane departed (fault of Deutsche Post) so they loaded it a week after. Actually arrived June 7th in Sicily, Italy. The unit works as advertised, initially had strange behavior and eventually white screen but it was my mistake. I was using a 9V battery which was out of charge. With a 9V (center-positive) wall wart it worked no problems

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  • 10/02/2021

    Ótimas aquisições para minha caixa de ferramentas, pedido feito dia 11, pago dia 13 e me foi entregue dia 04 de fevereiro na agência dos Correios. Chegou em uma embalagem simples e em perfeito estado. Houve demora devido a nevascas, pois veio dos armazéns no USA, o time da BangGood me explicou o acontecido por e-mail. Muito obrigado pelo bom trabalho e por investir em um bom relacionamento com os clientes. O funcionamento está perfeito, fico feliz que o DANIU ™ LCR-TC1 use um dc dc booster e assim pode usar uma Li-ion de 3,7 volts e 400mA, algo importante em um instrumento portátil, a JYETech não fez isto no DSO150 Digital Osciloscópio, é um ótimo instrumento pelo preço pago, porem, um instrumento portátil que necessita de uma fonte de energia externa, me faz lembrar de uma antiga anedota dos anos 80 de uma geladeira portátil, pequena e leve, mas que necessitava de um gerador de energia do tamanho de um carro. Great purchases for my toolbox, order placed on the 11th, paid on the 13th and delivered to me on February 4th at the post office. It arrived in a simple package and in perfect condition. There was a delay due to snowfall, as it came from the warehouses in the USA, the BangGood team explained what happened to me by email. Thank you very much for the good work and for investing in a good relationship with customers. The operation is perfect, I am happy that the DANIU ™ LCR-TC1 uses a dc dc booster and thus can use a 3.7 volt 400mA Li-ion, something important in a portable instrument, JYETech did not do this in the DSO150 Digital Oscilloscope, it is a great instrument for the price paid, however, a portable instrument that needs an external power source, reminds me of an old anecdote from the 80's of a small and light portable refrigerator, but that needed a generator energy the size of a car.

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  • 14/05/2020

    O osciloscópio digital JYET DSO150 é bem construído, possui visor LCD colorido brilhante e de fácil leitura. É muito útil para utilizá-lo como um traçador de sinais de até 200kHz - excelente para pesquisa em circuitos de áudio. O osciloscópio requer 8-10Vdc para funcionar adequadamente (ver link mais adiante) . O manual de instruções que acompanha o instrumento é muito sussinto, o que requer do operador prévio conhecimento na utilização de osciloscópios. O osciloscópio merecia uma embalagem melhor - a caixa de papelão que abriga o instrumento é muito pobre. O osciloscópio é um bom companheiro para hobistas, não é um intrumento para uso profissional. Gostei! Sugestão para fonte de alimentação 9V 1A: https://www.banggood.com/9V-1A-Power-Supply-Adapter-US-Plug-2-Flat-Pin-For-Geekcreit-Arduino-products-that-work-with-official-Arduino-boards-p-916174.html?cur_warehouse=CN ======== The JYET DSO150 digital oscilloscope is well built, with a bright, easy-to-read color LCD display. It is very useful to use it as a signal plotter up to 200kHz - excellent for research on audio circuits. The oscilloscope requires 8-10Vdc to function properly (see link below). The instruction manual accompanying the instrument is very brief, which requires prior knowledge of the operator in the use of oscilloscopes. The oscilloscope deserved better packaging - the cardboard box that houses the instrument is very poor. The oscilloscope is a good companion for hobbyists, it is not an instrument for professional use. Liked it! Suggestion for 9V 1A power supply: https://www.banggood.com/9V-1A-Power-Supply-Adapter-US-Plug-2-Flat-Pin-For-Geekcreit-Arduino-products-that-work-with-official-Arduino-boards-p-916174.html?cur_warehouse=CN

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  • 03/02/2021

    Very good! If I had a question for the manufacturer, they responded quickly. contact: jyetek@gmail.com I can only recommend the device. It has one drawback, it has no built-in battery, so you need to make an external 9V battery.

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  • 18/01/2020

    Thank You Banggood! I like this prodact!

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  • 05/04/2019

    schönes Gerät

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  • 21/12/2018

    Действительно оригинал, впринципе для того что бы смотреть сигнал - пойдет, но форма сигнала если это не синус, портит форму сигнала портит, в общем смотрите обзоры на ютубе, для небольшого ремонта пойдет за эту цену, меня все устраивает, рекомендую! Поставил во внуть аккумулятор, теперь автономный.

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  • 22/06/2020

    chegou!.... sem carregador 9V DC ....foto anuncia o 9dc

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