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  • 06/11/2020

    I absolutely live this Laser! It was well packaged in foam material with helpful stickers on it. The assembly guide is well made, building the Laser up took me - with this good guide - about 20 minutes. The different steps (6) are accompanied with bags with the step number and the content on it which was really helpful. All in all on of the best self assembly products I ever bought (and as a Maker I usually buy self assembly gear). Focusing the Laser is straightforward with a 2mm Acryl Plate which just needs to be put under the green shield with the gantry screws loosened. Then tight the 2 screws and you are set and done. Cutting in 4mm plywood takes some repetitions but thats fine for a semiconductor laser. Currently I am using Lightburn but I also tested LaserGRBL with success. I am totally happy with the purchase and would give 6 stars if thats possible! 10/10 would buy again!

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  • 14/10/2020

    Five star build quality, all-metal-frame, easy to assemble, works great. Pros: - The fan is running all the time reminding you it's live and loaded. Great for reducing unexpected fires from forgotten lasers and the constant speed also extends the lifespan of the fan. - The laser is focused by raising/lowering the whole engraving head which is less fiddly than the alternatives where you have to grab a focus ring underneath the laser. For the best focus you have to lower the head as close to the material as you can. This also ensures the green plastic protection filter can do its job. - The green filter around the laser works acceptably well and I'm relying on it most of the time for small jobs below 20% laser power BUT there are still many ways (underneath the shield and by the heatsink) where laser light WILL escape and kill your eye. So definitely wear proper protection glasses despite the mini-filter. Especially if you work with reflective materials or above 20% laser power. Cons: - No limit switches. - No power switch. - Fan is a bit too loud. WARRANTY-VOIDING hacks I did: - Flashed Arduino Optiboot. - Flashed GRBL 1.1h. - Added 12V power switch. - Added limit switches (for the homing to work you also need to recompile GRBL with the Z-axis homing disabled). - Wrapped the laser head with PET tape to force all of the fan's air down the heatsink.

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  • 08/10/2020

    Megkaptam a gravírozót. Ismét sérült volt a csomagolás. Eddig a legjobban sérült csomagolásban kaptam meg, de a terméknek nem lett baja első ránézésre. Köszönhető a gondos védőcsomagolásnak! "Atombiztos" a csomagolása. Persze ez sem véd mindentől, de a képeken látható behatásoktól a tartalmat megvédte. Köszönöm. Remélem, hogy jól fog üzemelni... :-) Azt hiszem erről csinálok egy összeállítási videót. Úgysincs a nyelvünkön erről semmi... I got the engraver. The packaging was damaged again. I received it in the most damaged packaging so far, but the product is not damaged. Thanks to the careful protective packaging! The packaging is "atomically safe". Of course, this can’t protect against everything either, but it did protect the content from the damage seen in the pictures. Thanks. I hope it will work well ... :-) I think I’m making a compilation video of this. There is nothing about this in our language anyway ...

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  • 24/01/2021

    Összerakása gyors, problémamentes.A LaserGBRL driver telepítésénél szokni kell a sorrendet. Előbb drivert kell telepíteni majd csatlakoztani az USB kábelt. Ezt minden számítógép indításkor el kell végezni.Nálam a gyári leírás szerint beállított fókuszú lézer X tengely irányban nem vágta át a 240gr súlyú fotópapírt, csak gravírozott. Ehhez a GBRL beállításokban a $110 sorban az értéket kb 500-600-650 mm/min értékre módosítottam, több kísérlet után, így már vág.A fényképeken az SMAX/ $110 értékek látszódnak. A feliratozott oldal a vágási oldal.A legkisebb $110 érték ahol már biztosan kivágta a papírt.Füst elszívás ajánlott, ahogy energialánc utólagos beépítése a vezérlés kábeleinek is.A szemvédő plexin látható szenny a teszt során keletkezett. 752 / 5000 Fordítási találatok Assembly is fast and hassle-free. You should get used to installing the LaserGBRL driver. You must first install a driver and then connect the USB cable. This must be done every time the computer is started. In my case, the laser with the focus set according to the factory description did not cut through the 240gr photo paper in the X-axis direction, only engraved it. For this, I changed the value in the $ 110 line in the GBRL settings to about 500-600-650 mm / min, after several attempts, so it's already cutting. The photos show the SMAX / $ 110 values. The labeled side is the cutting side. The minimum value is $ 110 where you have securely cut out the paper. Smoke extraction is recommended, as is the retrofitting of a power chain to the control cables as well.Visible dirt on the eye protection plexin was generated during the test.

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  • 16/12/2020

    Arrived quickly after payment, perfectly packaged, quality is higher than expected, all-metal-frame, easy to assemble, works perfectly. On the end after minor modifications it is a pleasure to work with this laser-cnc. In the pictures is a poplar plywood 3mm, cutting 1500mm/min, 100% pwm , and 20 passes.... Excellent product. I highly recommend it.

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  • 07/03/2021

    produit conforme a la description, vraiment très bien emballé, facile a monter, les logiciels sont a télécharger sur le site d'Atomstack , personnellement j'utilise GRBL qui est très facile a utiliser, on tâtonne au départ pour régler les paramètres ( vitesse du laser, puissance etc) mais après quelques essais on arrive vite a de très bon résultats de gravure ( voir photos ci-dessous...) je recommanderai si vous souhaitez faire de la découpe de prendre un laser plus puissant, celui ci 20W est trop faible ou alors il faut faire 20 passe pour couper 3mm de balsa.. soit prendre le 30 W ou vraiment mieux le 40 W mais bcp plus cher... bref ce graveur est vraiment bien pour du gravage et je m'amuse vraiment avec, je vous le recommande...

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  • 03/10/2021

    i like it so much . very good . but now i want m50 ;)

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  • 23/04/2021

    muito obrigado pela rapidez, demorou 25dias corridos at a liberação e retirada. máquina fácil e rápida de montar ainda nos estudos para dominar a máquina e conseguir oacimo desempenho. excelente preço, pelos reviews que vi na internet é uma excelente opção.

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  • 04/02/2021

    After few days and with the upgrade with LCD touch ( for work without PC connected and with WiFi) I can engrave. With wood no problem buy with tiles i need mode attempt for best result 😅

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  • 22/12/2020

    Good laser engraver, it works great. I succefully engraved: beer caps, wood, mirror, eeg^^... BUT delivery was not good, there was absolutly no update on the tracking untill it arrived at home (8weeks), then when i received it, the tracking was updated saying i will receive the parcel about 15 days later.... the aftersales service of bangood is good, they always answered me quickly.

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