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  • May-22 2020 03:13:19

    Honestly, i expected more from a charger that costs $60 discounted. I've been using older turnigy accucell 6 since 2010 and it was superior in many aspects. Anyhow, back to ISDT Q8. I've been using it for 5 months now, so i can tell my honest, unhyped review - Pros: + Small and lightweight + Modern looking + Does not heat up when discharging batteries at 1-2C. Have not tested more. + Supports li-ion, lipo, passtrough and much more Cons: - Very noisy when discharging batteries, even at low

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  • June-22 2020 10:12:46

    Very good quality as always from ISDT. I prefered the tactile feedback of the wheel on the Q6 against the touch interface of this, but i have no real complaints against this one either. It has a nice clean interface and new features like DC out. Very satisfied with it.

  • August-05 2020 12:59:07

    Абсолютно целая упаковка и устройство. Доехало быстро. Неожиданностью стало то, что не комплектуется блоком питания. Значит надо будет доукомплектовывать.

  • July-14 2020 15:05:26

    Very good quality for the price, very easy to learn and use, firmware upgrade fix some bugs like touch display, and some other features. the only thing to care about need calibration, but before calibrate make sure to have a good voltmeter....

  • July-02 2020 08:42:30

    Sehr leistungsstarkes und kompakt kleines Ladegerät. Super als Lader für unterwegs.Neue Funktion DC Power Suppl, liefert geregelte Ausgangsspannung von 2-30V.

  • May-05 2020 09:23:49

    Super chargeur très léger, fonctionnel, rapide et efficace en rajoutant une paraboard pour lipo TX60 et TX30, et surtout il faut penser à rajouter une alimentation (LANTIAN 24V 16.6A 400W par exemple). On peu l'utilisé sur le terrain en mode nomade avec une batterie grand capacité. l'utilise pour des lipos (FPV) 850 XT30 avec adaptateur, 1300, 1550 en XT60. L'écran est lumineux quand il y a du soleil, et le tactile est pratique, et surtout le prise USB pour faire des mise à jours. Je recommande

  • August-09 2020 06:41:36

    I had it for a few days and it works like a charm. The "DC Power" function comes at handy when you need to power electronics without carrying a really big power supply around. Came in the box with all the things needed. Accurately calibrated out of the box and it's really simple to update firmware on it. I recommend buying it if you need to charge a lot of LiIon batteries at once. Didn't have any issues with it so far!

  • July-07 2020 01:35:37

    Маленькая, мощная и очень умная. Сопротивление выдает вмиг, отлично справляется с любыми нагрузками. Можно зарядить где угодно (Поле, дача, дом, машина, в небе) и что угодно.

  • March-26 2020 14:48:39

    This is a very nice product in general. But I wanted to have more control on the discharging volts or have something like a refresh discharge which will be changing-discharging the battery 3 times... When the fan kicks in it sounds like a mini jet engine. This is happening when you discharge the battery mostly because it needs to cool down the resistors. If they had done what the ToolkitRC M8 does it would discharge the battery way faster (the discharging current goes back to the input battery if

  • January-16 2020 15:54:32

    хорошая зарядка но есть нюансы сенсорные кнопки довольно посредственно работают да и жужыт как скатина при зарядке


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