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  • 01/06/2020

    esperava mais

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  • 26/05/2020

    looks good, not tested but thank you for gift! I am happy

    Toon origineel
  • 05/03/2020

    It provides electrical pulses up to something like 40V using a very short (circa 0.06%) duty cycle. A glance on the multimeter shows the various periodic cycles of the modes. Typically rolling crescendos and other episodic interpretations of massage amplitudes. The warning text in the manual is a bit menacing, however its pretty hard to kill someone with two AAA batteries; even with a power supply running step-up induction like this one directly onto the spinal column. Perhaps next time just put "Don't wear in the bath". The modes seem of sensible length, the unit is not uncomfortable - not sumptuous but, you know, the affordability is good. The pack arrived a little crumpled and oddly slashed? but the contents were unharmed. I tried it once, it was okay. "Tingley." probably should have used a wetter neck. My partner tried it later that day and found it to be acceptable. You get a a somewhat garbled manual which if you dig reveals "altogether 16 gear" of power levels. I would suggest starting low. some of the higher settings had pretty spooky looking voltages ;) The manual DOES give "Electrical properties" of the unit which tie in with my roughly 800 Hz 0.06% duty cycle +- 20V (dep on power "gear") they say it will go to 50V maybe my batteries needed a charge ;) Batteries not included. Notably "The maximum peak voltage during the opening" - Which seems to mean "Short circuit" is listed as < 500V. IT also points out that in such an event non of the buttons may work. I strongly suggest NOT getting on the wrong side of that. To reiterate. DO NOT WEAR IN THE BATH :) The 0.01T reading for magnetism is pretty interesting, would appreciate any insights into testing that. It does not "Heat up" though, so "Hot" was a bit of a reach in the original claims; there is no guarantee that all users will experience this sensation of heat All in - other than the dire warnings - its a fun little unit, that arrived on time and does - roughly - what it said it would.

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    Toon origineel
  • 17/03/2020

    I used to it. If there is no good contact it could cause pain and burn. I will present it to my 'friend.

    Toon origineel
  • 06/04/2021

    Αρκετά καλό προϊόν, ειδικά σε αυτήν την τιμή. Η ποιότητα του πλαστικού δεν είναι καλή, αλλά την δουλειά και όσα αναφέρει ότι κάνει, τα κάνει. Στην αρχή που το δοκίμασα χωρίς νερό δεν δούλευε, με το που έβρεξα τον αυχένα με νερό, δούλεψε κανονικά. Σαφώς, ευχαριστημένη από το προϊόν, δεν περίμενα να λειτουργεί έτσι!!!. Για Ελλάδα έκανε 10-15.

    Toon origineel
  • 04/02/2020

    I ordered the item as a massager and thought, it would work with two pads, which are working around for massaging. But this item works with low maintanance electrical impulses, which produce a irritation on the skin and under the skin, which has as result, that the part of neck gets an electrical massage with electrical power. It is something like that, what psysiotherapist offers you in body locations with problematic circulation for relaxing. They use pads. In the package this device has also two pads, which can be used with an included cable, with whom you can connect the pads with the neck massager. But also in the device you have two metal pads, which work as direct contact with your neck. You must give some moisture on the pads for better contacting with the skin. The device has different programms and also different strongness. You can adjust all with the buttons on the left and right side. For the price of ten dollars I can recommend it, but be carefull with the different programms, check them first in a low strongness for deciding, which programm is the best for you.

    Toon origineel
  • 10/04/2020

    Отлично. Все работает. Пришло быстро! Мы довольны. Спасибо.

    Toon origineel
  • 29/04/2020

    I paid this in 11 march and I received in 29 april. Was fast shipping. But maybe all Europe in lockdown for coronavirus. I tried it and is very good for me. Thank you so much.

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    Toon origineel
  • 02/06/2020

    Parece ser bom. Vou experimentar!!!

    Toon origineel
  • 12/08/2020

    Really pleased. Gentle pulsing or harder rhythms in a collar that is comfortable. Buttons change the rhythm and the intensity. Extra pads to place on your shoulder blades too

    Toon origineel

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