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  • 02/02/2022

    Reviewing the Haylou GT7 TWS Bluetooth earbuds. The earbuds came packaged in a standard grey plastic postal bag, the bag showed no damage from its trip. Opening the bag there is a cardboard box showing Haylou GT7 brand and a picture of the earbuds. The box is quite sturdy and is covered with a plastic wrap so it should protect the contents well from rough handling during postage, indeed there was no damage seen at all this time. Opening the box one can see the earbud’s case. The case is smooth to the touch and is rounded so be careful not to drop it. In saying that the case feels good in the hand and can be easily pocketed. Beneath the case are the accessories and a manual. The accessories include a short (195mm) Type C charging cable and two extra sets of different sized silicon ear pads, larger and smaller, while the medium set comes already attached to the earbuds. As far as weight goes the case and earbuds together are quite light at 39.24 grams and small with a width of 50mm with the earbuds themselves weighing in at 4.40 grams each so they are easy to carry. Pairing to my mobile was easy. All that had to be done was remove the earbuds from their case, as soon as you do that they turn on, and then search for Haylou GT7 in the list of Bluetooth devices, pair and done. Now for the sound quality make sure you select the right sized ear pads. Sound is good with deep bass and good mid and treble response. My impression is that they are equivalent to a medium pair of over the ear headphones without the weight and a bit more convenient. The touch controls worked well tapping the side of the earbud you can play/pause music, skip to the next track, answer/hangup a call, activate voice assistant and turn on/off low latency mode. There is no previous track tap assignment so missing that and not a real games player so not sure about the low latency feature. Overall very happy with these earbuds, with sound quality, functionality and practicality all very good.

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  • 07/02/2022

    Chegou super rápido e sem taxas alfandegária, super ergométrico excelente para caminhada e usar na academia, bluetooth 5.2, bateria têm ótima duração cinco horas de média, ótimos baixo e médios, triplo bom, a suspensão de ruidos funciona perfeitamente, os fones são lindos super recomendo excelente custo e benefício..

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  • JoeVIP5

    When I found out that I had won one of the Free Trials on Banggood I was really pleased with myself and when I discovered just what I had won I was even more pleased. I won the “Haylou GT7 TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Earphones Game Earbuds Low Latency AAC Hi-Fi Stereo Bass AI Call Noise Cancellation Wireless Earbuds Headphone with Mic” . I got the white ones, which was just fine with me as I would have picked them anyway. They got to me pretty quickly as always with Banggood and when they arrived, I was over the moon. They have a great little carry case that also doubles up as a charging port for the “Ear-Buds” and really looks great as well as protecting them when you are not wearing them. The sound through them was a real treat for the ears and so much better than I thought I would get. I have always used big sized headphones and have always believed that they must have better sound as the drivers are bigger and better, but I was dead wrong, the sound from these Earphones is just out of this world and so clear. I love these now and have taken to wearing them most of the time. When I am not wearing them, I have them charging in their case so that they are ready for next time I want to use them. The case will recharge them several times before you need to recharge the case with the supplied cable. This won’t take very long and then you are up and running again. I must admit that after wearing headphones for so long, it feels so much better to wear these Earphones and it gives me so much more freedom with no cables trailing around and getting caught up on everything. All in all I am really pleased with these Earphones and I would recommend anyone and everyone to get a set as you will not regret it and will soon realise just how good they are. 10 out of 10 for the “Haylou GT7 TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Earphones Game Earbuds Low Latency AAC Hi-Fi Stereo Bass AI Call Noise Cancellation Wireless Earbuds Headphone with Mic.

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  • 03/04/2022

    Very pleased with these earbuds. They are not too big, they fit nicely in my ears. I can walk and bend down without them falling out. I haven't tried running. The sound is loud and clear. Bass is very strong for a pair of small earbuds. I was surprised with the sound quality. I have one Philips and one Bitmore earbuds and these produce better sound than both of the old ones. Especially the bass. Connecting to the phone and my car was a breeze. The touch controls do work as well. Mics also work as they should, you can have normal phone conversations. Very good all in all.

    Toon origineel
  • 16/02/2022

    Fone incrível!! Ótimo para jogos, pois possuí pouco delay (ms)!! A case é pequena, fácil de transportar. Os fones ficam muito bem presos no ouvido, posso andar de bike que eles não caem. Em relação ao microfone, ele possuí somente no lado direito (R), é um microfone bom. Sobre os botões touch no fone, funcionam certinho.. Lado direito (R) toque 1x para pausar a música. toque 2x para avançar a faixa. toque 3x para ativar o assistente de voz. Lado esquerdo (L) toque 1x para pausar a música. toque 2x para ativar o modo gamer (baixa latência). toque 3x para ativar o assistente de voz. O que eu senti falta foi de um pouco mais de graves, mas de resto é perfeito, amei, recomendo a compra!!

    Toon origineel
  • 24/06/2022

    o produto chegou muito rápido, 15 dias corridos. A qualidade é muito boa e se encaixa muito bem o som e ótimo e não tem ruídos. Gostei muito do produto e recomendo.

    Toon origineel
  • 10/01/2022

    O produto demorou 25 dias úteis para chegar. Em comparação às encomendas que faço no app vizinho, demorou um pouco mais que o de costume. Mas, ele veio super bem embalado, e está funcionando super bem! O áudio é um pouco baixo, para quem gosta de músicas mais altas. Mas nada que um equalizador não resolva. Recomendo!

    Toon origineel
  • 13/12/2022

    llego todo bien. espero que funcione todo bien. si es así le pondré más estrellas. por ahora solo 3

    Toon origineel
  • 23/09/2022

    ótimo fone, graves muitos bons, estou muito satisfeito

    Toon origineel
  • 05/07/2022

    El producto llegó al desgarrado (por el viaje) pero sellado y con todo los accesorios aunque demoro algo más de lo habitual a pensar de pagar por el servicio rápido de entrega, por lo demás es bueno. Perú-Cusco.

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