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  • 01/10/2021

    Works perfectly on laptop and iPad so far; great value for money. GUI can use a bit of rework, especially on windows platform. All in all a great piece of hardware for hobbyists, for a very affordable price

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  • 13/12/2017

    it is writing that it has gift box in website but there is no gift box.

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  • 27/03/2021

    Složitá obsluha před samotným měřením

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  • 17/02/2021


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  • 10/02/2021

    thank you very much 💐

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  • 05/02/2021

    Preis Leistung sind der Hammer

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  • 29/10/2017

    This PC osciloscope is awesome, I'm studying Mechatronics Engineering, sometimes at school there's no lab to work on... This solves the most of the problems. It's quality is higher than expected, the work is quiet good, the only issue is that there's a little noise (10 mV approximately), out of that, everything is awesome. Higly recommended.

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  • 24/01/2020

    The concept behind this instrument is wonderful, but pratical implementation is not so good. As positive aspects I can highlight: - Very good design; - Support for internal battery: you can use this instrument for some time without power line; - Bandwidth and sample rate very resonable for equipment price; - 2 fully funcional channels; - Low current drawn; - WiFi server, detaching measurement engine from display. Hantek IDS1070A has some negative aspects, IMO: - Very imprecise trigger machanism; - Android application poorly designed; - AC / DC coupling relies on some form of internal relay: this mechanism slows waveform capture time; - Lack of touch screen measurements parameters selection. This was design with MENU in mind. It's can be used as an entry level oscilloscope without doubt.

    Toon origineel
  • 05/12/2017

    Hi I purchased one of these and it would be a good scope if the wifi was reliable. In usb mode it works well, however a 70MHz usb scope is considerably cheaper. In wifi mode the display freezes for a second or two every few seconds. Sometimes it runs without freezing for two minutes or so but this is the best it gets. This is with the scope 500mm away from the android phone or tablet. Further away from this the freezing occurs more often. It may be that my scope is faulty and needs to be returned. I have contacted Banggood customer service but have had no response, that was two weeks ago. If the wifi was reliable I would give it 5 stars however for my application the freezing makes it useless so I can only give it one star. Very dissapointed

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  • 25/12/2018

    Pretty cool little O-scope and looking forward to using all the features it can do though I only just set it up with the test signal terminal. But I have it loaded now on both my laptop and tablet ready for some work using cordless WIFi. The USB "B" connection used to charge and direct connect did not work at first and seemed like a loose mount inside as I had to wiggle the connection to see it light any LEDs. But when I started to take a video of the problem it no longer disconnects and works well enough every time. So I can't give it 5 stars for quality even though I really like it. But since I never found the cause I have to say it could have been me somehow and give Hantek the benefit of the doubt. Only tIme and use will have to prove this. I like it and it saves a lot of room on my desk while it can work cordless on testing my car also.

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