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  • 05/05/2019

    Great fun and good quality. I had a lot of fun building it. It was more work than I though after seeing that many og the assemblies are finished form the factory. Took me one evening to build, and then another to paint the body. It's a fun car to drive around and try to climb things with. The gearbox adds an extra dimension of fun too. https://youtu.be/qRjZzNcYGvU The fourth photo shows my trick for avoigning the body clips. I installed longer screws in the sides there and slipped some silicone tubing over the screws so that they hold the body on by gripping under the battery tray. I designed some 3D-printable parts for it. A roll bar and some extra wheels. The files are free here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/accessories-for-tamiya-bruiser-and-clones

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  • 14/05/2021

    Lieferung eben gerade erhalten. Beide Autos waren sehr gut verpackt und sind ohne Schäden bei eingetroffen. Von der Bestellung bis zur Auslieferung hat es 7 Tage gedauert. Sehr gute Leistung. Über die Qualität des fertigen Produktes kann ich noch nicht allzu viel sagen, aber die Einzelteile sehen schon sehr vernünftig aus.

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  • 29/04/2020

    This arrived in Canada from the US in good time. Packaging was perfect . Zero damage. Instructions are quite good with most of them provided by excellent drawings. You can build this stock and have a great trail truck or visit one of the many U tube channels to see how to modify it to your goals. Facebook has an excellent page for them as well. I am still building mine as there are a number of mods I am incorporating and that slows down the process while you think through each one. I'll be turning mine into a scale crawler and from what I've seen, I'll likely never be done modding it. That's the fun!

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  • 09/04/2020

    Super Modell für den Preis !!!

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  • 03/10/2021

    WOW I LOVE IT just awesome, with the right tweaks it has sensational performance in a perfect scaler look. really fun to drive the all-metal 3-speed gearbox is sturdy and quiet I recommend the version to be assembled and to combine it with good quality electronics mine travels at 3s with a programmable esc with the differentials locked it climbs everywhere and loses a bit of steering. for better driving, I recommend locking the rear differential only for an ideal setup it is necessary to mount only 2 leaf springs and remove the external springs from the shock absorbers all the original servo saver must be removed, too weak prevent the correct insertion of the gears and steering the steering servo must be mounted at the front and all the unnecessary very long referrals must be removed the only real defect is the main bearing of the differential which is fragile and in a position of fatigue, I recommend replacing it immediately I could have simply said I bought 2 I hope I was helpful! insta #myrcdream

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  • 12/09/2019

    WoW is all I can say. All this for that price. This thing looks good just sitting there on display. And cheap enough not to feel bad if you want to use it on a daily. I like this for sure and I would buy another one. Check out my YouTube channel (RunThatRc) for more rc products reviews and running videos.

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  • 11/09/2018

    This is a kit but many components are pre-assembled. I purchased a "kit" and fully expected that all parts would be un-assembled, as per the original "Bruiser" instruction book. Box included two instruction books. One showing assembling as per original Bruiser the other instruction book shows how to assemble the prefabricated components. This "kit" is very disappointing. I thought I was ordering all the parts to assemble this truck. It was to be my winter project (winter in Canada is long) but a good portion of the work is done by factory. Only one solution to this and that is to take ALL the pre-assembled components apart and start over. Good to see use of locking nylon nuts and an absence of 'phillips" screw heads. The hex drive bolts are the best way to go and the current manufacturer has wisely used them. As our winter progresses I will be able to add more comments to this review. All parts appear to be very well done. I purchased this "kit" at the special introductory price only to find that now it is about $50.00 CDN cheaper. That is very disappointing. That is why I gave "value for price" rating of 4.

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  • 29/01/2022

    I never thought I would have this trucks. This is a fantastic kit with a little bit of fine-tuning it is a amazing truck. I did a set of build videos on my YouTube channel. All the 3-D printing mods for the steering. Tear down of the front and rear end and transmission. I enjoyed it so much I ordered a second one. Plus the Ford. So I will have them on my channel soon. I have 4 grandsons so we will Take them down by the river And have some fun. My kit was missing the pins in the rear driveshaft they are hopefully sending me the part. When installing the battery box pre-drill the holes and doing the lights. Plastic will crack if you don’t pre-drill 7/16 on the battery box. I cannot wait to get the Ford and do a teardown on it. I do have an RC4WD Who wants to take it to the River I had to make payments on that thing :-) So it will be nice to enjoy the truck and let my grandkids enjoy it and not break the bank.

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  • 11/03/2021

    Great product Well packaged better than the original instructions are not that clear with spelling mistakes that'll make you laugh generallya nice product screw bags could do with better labeling but for the price the odd things are liveable with all in all highly recommended purchase not quite fully built yet some odd body pieces to go on yet looking good

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  • 01/02/2022

    top Alternative zum teuren Bruder.

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