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  • 2019-07-17 12:46:31

    Super soft and squishy! I bought this 2 for $6.65 CAD. Very worth the deal and I would buy it again if I were given the chance not to! Even only one is worth this price! The ice cream is super detailed and is a matte finish. The cherries and cone are a bit shiny. It also smell vaguely of strawberry candy!

  • 2018-01-16 17:19:57

    I definitely recommend this squishy it smells great slow rising and sooo jumbo! (Mine cane with a small defect but idrc) definitely recommend😍😍

  • 2017-06-29 15:18:56

    This squishy has such a nice smell! It smells like strawberry and it's really soft. The only downside to it is that it actually took a full day for it to rise after I opened the package. (It was squished to much in the package so it got really flat)

  • Jazmin
    2018-10-02 10:12:25

    it’s so soft and slow rising. very big. I love it 😊

  • virag
    2018-09-26 11:41:14

    Jumbo. Soft but not extremely slow.

  • Brianna
    2017-03-19 14:57:44

    This is my first Squishy and i think its pretty good. it did not take long to get where i live. the package was a bit to small for the Squishy but thats okay with me. Came as shown with bag. it smells like strawberry. The only thing is as soon as i opened it and got it out of its bag i noticed defects around the squishy and i have not squished the squishy so i know i did not cuz it. But overall i think its a good squishy and i recommend people to buy this squishy. Thank You!

  • 2017-02-21 20:34:22

    I would definitely recommend this item for anybody. This squishy takes 13 seconds to rise and the delivery time is just right. Not too long and it took 11 days.

  • 2017-02-18 08:44:33

    The squishy is super slow rising around 8-10 seconds. it's so soft and probably now one of my favorites and biggest. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  • shell
    2017-03-26 11:51:48

    this squishy is really soft and smells of vanilla with a hint of strawberry. its super squishy and slow rising and the price was cheap there were no defects I really recommend and it did not take to long to ship!!!!! LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!!

  • AU
    2018-07-24 05:03:19

    This squishy is a MUST in your collection. The packaging is so nice as well as the paint job the size and the squishiness. I totally recommend it! It is superrrr soft and at a good level of slow rising ness. The size is on point and a great stress reliever! Thanks banggood :) soo worth the price :D


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