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  • 11/06/2014

    This 5-Channel relay module is very well build. It uses optocouplers and even has cutted isolations of the board for security reasons. But beware that you need do remove the jumper and supply with 5V for the optocouplers to be usefull. If you dont care then you do not need any modification for it to work. The current for 1 Releay is about 80mA! Keep that in mind if you plan to supply it by an Arduino.

    Toon origineel
  • 26/04/2017

    The relays turn on when the signal pin is LOW or connected to ground. Each relay has a normally open and normally closed output. To use the optocoupler you need to remove the jumper and connect 5V to JD-VCC and GND. You should connect an external 5V power source to JD-VCC if you use it with an Arduino because four relays draw a lot of current and can fry the Arduino.

    Toon origineel
  • 03/03/2014

    Work perfectly as expected. Just feed it with 5V VCC and GND then connect digital output pin from arduino board to trigger relay and you have both NC and NO ports to choose from for your project. Also, very cheap as always!

    Toon origineel
  • 23/12/2020

    muy bien llegó, me falta probar

    Toon origineel
  • 20/09/2019

    It works great and trustworthy, I'm using it for quite a while now and this product is great

    Toon origineel
  • 13/09/2019

    Buena calidad a simple vista, bien empaquetado

    Toon origineel
  • 12/09/2019

    the mentioned item have been received successfully within the expected delivery time although by free delivery. the parcel is protected well. wonderful services even with small parcels as well. high accuracy with item delivery to the address of requester. thanks and appreciated.

    Toon origineel
  • 15/02/2019

    muy buen producto 100💯 recomendado funciona perfectamente y sale muy barato y cumple con lo descrito a un precio muy económico!

    Toon origineel
  • 26/10/2018

    Já foi testado e funciona como sempre na perfeição.

    Toon origineel
  • 17/08/2018

    Everything is alright.

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