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JorgeP 2019-05-03 01:49:31
Great Transmitter! Great Price! It was a bit of a challenge, as a newbie, to get all 10 channels to be enabled with the FS-A8S receiver. No firmware update is needed! I used two 16 channel converter modules, S2PW's, (each only has 8 outputs configurable for channels 1-8 (no red light) or 9-16 (red light active). The converter modules are setup, factory stock, to be channels 1-8. To enable channels 9-16 you need to press the button and hold it in while powering on those modules, then release. This only needs to be done once and they save their settings. The FS-A8S needs to be connected to the i.BUS input of the S2PW module configured for channels 9-16 (red light) when using more than 8 channels. The module, with the red lights output needs to be connected to the input of the second S2PW module configured as Channels 1-8 (no red light). At first, I had the A8S connected to the channel 1-8 module (no red light) and it did not allow channels 9-10 to get through to the second module. I then connected the A8S to the channel 9-16 module (red light) and everything works as expected with the 10 Channels of this radio. I included a Photo with how I set this up, the yellow wire between the two S2PW modules is the i.BUS signal. Red and black wires are power and ground wires. The transmitter "RX Mode" settings need to be set to output PPM on i.BUS. You also need to turn on all the AUX Switches. Save all settings and go into the "Display" mode of the transmitter, press UP/DOWN buttons to view channels 8-10. There is also a much more detailed manual on the manufacture website product page, there is no need to update the firmware to enable 10 channels and it may actually downgrade your radio to older firmware.

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