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nibmit 01/01/2018
I love these receivers. I`ve had very good success with them. They can be sensitive to electrical fields though. On one build I upgraded the flight controller and move the rx so it was strapped across my power leads (current flowing through a wire creates an electrical field), big mistake. I kept on getting drop outs and the quad became un-flyable. To fix this I just moved it away from the wires and strapped the sticker side directly to the bottom of my carbon top plate. I`ve had absolutely no issues since them. I really would have liked there to be some easy way to send an RSSI signal to the flight controller especially since Ibus has so many channels it would have been so easy to do this. There is a way to hack it to get an analog signal off the chip but you need a free analog in port on you flight controller.
Reacties (2)
  • Gaberson Thank you very much you may of just fixed the problem to my drop out issuesthanks again

    Beantwoorden 07/01/2018
  • Bill Im having the same issue on my 4s powered 5 inch, I have mine strapped directly under the leads, so I'll have to relocate and try it then, thank you so much for the info!

    Beantwoorden 26/04/2021

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