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steveo68 2020-03-03 06:12:24
being in the UK this was shipped with a european (2pin as in the picture) to UK 3 pin 13A adapter, on inspection it's clear that neither the 2 pin plug or the adapter is fused, this is not ideal and would be like opening up a UK 3 pin plug, removing the fuse and fitting a nail in the fuse holder. so all I've done is cut the 2 pin plug off and fit a UK 3pin plug instead, and due to the miniscule mains cable cross sectional area I've fitted a 1amp fuse (smallest rating I could get my hands on). so other than that it does exactly as described from 9vdc up to 24vdc at 3amps (untested under load) which will do perfectly for the applications I'm going to use it for, If I find that I use it for a single voltage I may remove the knob cut down the potentiometer (voltage adjuster) stem and set it to a fixed voltage, covering over the hole so there's no inadvertant adjustment of the potentiometer that could damage my application.
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  • maurits To be fair, although a fused plug is safest, many countries don't use fused plugs at all. In South Africa our plugs are normally not fused, and in six decades I've never had any mishap because of that.

    Beantwoorden 2020-09-12 11:56:02

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