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  • 21/07/2021

    Отличный комплект для новичков, желающих быстро войти в FPV хобби ! Всё заранее настроено и работает из коробки (ну или почти всё). Немного минусов: 1) Нужен клеевой пистолет, что бы закрепить антенны; 2) Некоторые винтики разболтались после первых полетов, в результате один был утерян, пришлось искать замену (вывод - проверяйте затяжку перед полетами); 3) В собранном виде дрон уже не влезает в чехол, нужно либо прорезать дырки в уплотнителе, либо носить его отдельно. Насчёт настройки - вам понадобится скачать и разобраться в BetaFlight что бы настроить возврат по GPS, т.к. по умолчанию он выключен. В целом - покупкой доволен как слон ! Дрон летает вполне по взрослому (не забудьте настроить на нем режим акро !) и доставляет массу удовольствия. Полетное время на одной батарейке - 10 минут в очень активном режиме и минут 20 в спокойном. Зарядка заряжает батареи ерез балансировочный разъем (хотя я ожидал что будет через xt30). Продавцу - большое спасибо !

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  • 30/05/2021

    отличный дрон для новичка и профессионального пользователя. в нём есть всё что необходимо

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  • 13/01/2022

    It's a great Quad for novice level, but can be flown by beginners (who do their research first!) I say this, because although it is ready to fly, the settings need a little bit of tinkering in Betaflight first... Unlike some other reviews, my GPS recovery WAS enabled out of the box (prepare to wait 5-10 mins for satellites), but the lost model alarm feature was not, so didn't sound when battery is disconnected, only the LED lit up, which is pretty useless during the day. Easily fixed in betaflight. There were a few other controls and settings that I played around with, but other than the two failsafes mentioned above, the rest is preference. Definately read up on Betaflight first though! The Goggles were a let down, as the screen was small and they showed a red empty battery warning after 2 minutes of being turned on (even though fully charged) and if there was an SD card inserted, it would turn off after 20 seconds. When I removed the SD card, they stayed on for some time (at least as long as my flight times), however still showed red warning the whole time, so really hard to guage if it was going to cut out or not... With the SD card, apparently this is a known issue where it isn't formatted correctly, or the file name is too long it shorts the goggles? (better to Google that one...) The TX12 radio was a real winner! Felt great and worked perfectly. Definately a radio that can be used again and again, even when upgrading to a different quad. Also has the ability to add voices, but you have to do that seperately with downloads and SD cards (not out of the box). On a side note, my antenna straws were a snug fit, so may be different from other reviewers... Overall, I'm really enjoying this quad (as a beginner who does his research) and I find it has good flight time, quality radio and decent features built in (even if you need to check they are turned on). I will replace the goggles though, as they are the only real let down of the set and potentially faulty.

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  • 19/06/2021

    i love this drone. its fast and easy to control.. its my first fpv drone so i am glad i made that choice😀😀👍

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  • 17/06/2021

    wow a good long rang quad and ready to go with very good TX12 transmitter and a EV800DM goggles and I can fly up to 800 meters with only 25mW VTX power. good quality. only 127g and 218g with a Lipo and 246g with gopro8 lite

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  • 12/06/2021

    First of all: Definitively tighten the screws before the first flight! I am talking about the ones clamping the arms and frame, however the controller (has dampeners) and the plasticspacers should not be too tight. + Fast, sturdy, nimble drone, long flight time, nice analog camera image - For complete beginners the Drone may be a bit large und the arms are relatively thin - After a light crash one of the motor bells was slightly bend which led to vibrations which freaked the controller out. Whoops. These new vibrations are probably how I lost two screws from the frame. So now I ordered replacement motors. + Great small universal Remotecontrol that can also be used in a simulator and with other receiver-types + Very useable universal Goggles with Record-Function (no micro sd included, max 32GB) and even my glasses can just fit + gps-directions if you get lost + really loud beeper with backup energy source - The beeper has to be manually armed/disarmed to work + charge brick is idiot proof, eu travel adapter was included, can be used to check voltage before takeoff - charge brick only charges to 4,2V not to 4,35V what the included hv-lipos are rated for (standard lipos like the ones in the remote control are 4,2V; but these can also be charged inside remote through usb-c) - charge brick has no option for storage-charge - Mine stopped working after 6 charged batteries. So maybe use this one only as a battery-checker and get a better charger. However Banggood kindly reimbursed me some money for it (Thank you) + fancy bag with shoulder strap - after assembling the antennas the bag is too shallow for the quad to fit with the rest of the set and because of the glued antenna tubes even unscrewing is no real option Changes I did: - Enabled Gps Resque as Failsafe + put it on a switch - Put Turtle Mode on a Switch - Set Pre-Arm (after accidently launching the drone one time) - Reduced Video Transmit Power to 25mW (local Regulations...) - Tightened the screws!

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  • 14/11/2021

    Divertente, pratico e ottimo per imparare avendo pochi pensieri di rompere qualcose. A differenza del Novice 3,questo ha un volo molto più smooth, le. impostazioni iniziali di betaflight, consentono un volo più verso il cinematico che l'acro, cosa che però gli riesce comunque benissimo. Il radiocomando, una Tx12, è validissimo per essere un lowcost, ha OpenTx, multiprotocol ed ovviamente possibilità di montare moduli aggiuntivi come TBS Xfire ecc. Il segnale base da scatola è comunque sufficiente per allenarsi e togliersi qualche sfizio. Visori classici Eachine, piuttosto comodi, con un buon contrasto e visione complessiva. La durata della batteria integrata non è il massimo, se ad ogni volo registrate anche su scheda sd attraverso il DVR, si rischia di rimanere a terra prima del tempo. Dotatevi di powerbank e ricaricate ad ogni possibilità. Le lipo in dotazione per il quad invece, sono di Ottima qualità. Sono delle 4s della Tattu rimarchiate Eachine, sono delle HV, garantiscono dagli 8 ai 12 minuti volo anche con una Insta360 Go 2 montata sopra. Complessivamente resistente, lo chassis, più di qualche ristretta di viti e braccetti, non ha mai subito danni irreparabili. I motori invece, piuttosto potenti e con una buona coppia in rapporto a costo/dimensioni, i colpi li soffrono. Il cemento non perdona e pur avendo sbattuto in una situazione altezza/velocità discreta, evidentemente colpendo il punto "giusto/sbagliato", si è storto un'albero costringendomi a cambiarlo per nuovo. Ottimo il buzzer integrato con flash e batterie indipendente. Più per la telemetria, che per il rescue il GPS, da betaflight immediatamente reimpostato e svincolato dal conto satelliti per armare. Di base arriva impostato con un minimo di 6 satelliti da dover agganciare prima di poter armare i motori e decollare. Se si vuole avere la certezza di settare un homepoint e quindi avere a disposizione la funzione rescue in caso di failsafe, lasciatelo così ma, consapevoli che il primo aggancio lo potrebbe fare anche in 5 minuti o più in base alle condizioni che vi circondano. Su betaflight ovviamente si può settare in modo diverso e svincolarlo dall'Arming. Consigliato sia per chi alle primissime che per chi vuole affinare ed iniziare a prendersi, rischi in piccoli spazi senza il patema d'animo di fare danni eccessivi nei costi. Brava Eachine!

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  • 27/08/2022

    I’m a new drone pilot and off and on heli pilot over the last 10 years. I always wanted a fpv but didn’t have the time to build and go down the rabbit hole with learning all the details and technical jargon on my first drone. This kit has everything you need and is ready to fly as soon as you open the case and charge everything. Shipping said 20-40 business days but I got my drone in two weeks. Reasonably priced for everything you get and the drone seems very durable. Buy some extra arms for $15 (they are the thinnest part) and blades for $8 and this thing with take a beating. I haven’t crashed yet but I’ve had some rough landings and she’s a tank. Great controller and goggles. My only complaint is that the antennas come detached so you’ll have to screw them on and once you do you can no longer close the case. You’ll either need to build a new case or detach the antennas every time you want to pack up. I personally wouldn’t recommend removing the antenna plate a lot as it screws into 3d printed material and I don’t want to wear out the threads by constantly screwing the bolts in and out. Also, I would reroute the connection for you battery so it’s at the rear of the drone and zip tie it down so it’s out of the way and won’t get cut by the blades if your battery moves around in a crash or hard landing. Other than that this is just want a wanted. I’m flying without programming anything on Betaflight, messing with any wires or programming the radio and goggles. Very capable drone and I’m definitely hooked after my first weekend of flying. Outstanding battery life as well

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  • 25/02/2022

    great product!! super fast shipment!! reccomend seller

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  • 21/09/2021

    bonjour monsieur j ai bien reçu mon colis mais il est arrivé avec du Scotch est la fermeture était ouverte est il manque une batterie et l adaptateur secteur pour la France merci Pascal

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