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  • 28/05/2021

    Ce moteur ET1 est excellent ! J'ai reçu ma commande en à peine 3 semaines (France), et il était parfaitement emballé. Je suis entièrement satisfait de ce moteur. L'usinage des pièces est vraiment très bon au vu du prix de vente de ce moteur ! Bien sûr, il faut prévoir quelques petits ajustements pour que le moteur fonctionne bien, mais rien de bien méchant pour un petit bricoleur ! Je le fais tourner avec essence 98 + 2% huile 2T pour karting , et je huile les différents paliers et axes avec une goutte de MECARUN P18 (additif anti-friction) . Les points critiquables de ce moteur sont le jeu trop important des 2 roulements de paliers du vilebrequin (facilement remplaçables par des bagues lisses usinés en bronze), et le support en bois (façon plumier d'écolier) qui est merdique ! Sinon le reste est vraiment de très bonne qualité et ce moteur vaut vraiment le coup d'être acheté par les passionnés de petites mécaniques de précision ! Régis

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  • 18/01/2021

    ET1 arrived @ home very fast ( after 2 weeks ) ,nicely packaged , no outside transport damage , but when testing no highvoltage ( spark ) the battery holder has a problem of holding the batteries in good positition ( see pic. ), I replaced it with one I had in spare from another project and now the ignition is ok, test run is for later time, but I think it should work , keep u all posted .

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  • 26/11/2020

    el motro se presenta muy bonito y de buena calidad, la entrega no ha querido mucha espera, llego en buen tiempo

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  • 18/11/2019

    日本から頼みましたが、しっかり包装されて届きました。 追加で、手回しスターターが装備されてました。 あと、フラグの接続はされてなかったので、工夫して接続してみたいと思います。 なので、まだ、始動は出来ていません。

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  • 26/09/2020

    Excellent model. Well constructed and precision engineering. 15 days from China to New Zealand. My expectations have been rewarded. Well packaged with sturdy carton and foam moulded to suit the engine. Runs well. Supplied with starter cord, but starts easy by spinning the flywheel with an open palm hand.😃

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  • 07/07/2019

    I have always wanted a hit and miss model engine. But the casting kits cost many hundreds of dollars and you must be a qualified machinist with a lathe and mill to build one. This engine is beautifully made and runs like a Swiss watch. It is a bargain price compared to the DIY kits. It is the most fun engine I have run in a long time!

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  • 03/07/2019

    少し点火時期の調整が必要だったが、非常に良くできたエンジン。スプリングで回転数の調整も簡単。 カスタムも手軽に出来る。

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  • 18/07/2020

    Nice engine, easy to use, fast shipping, I made a steampunk tank with it, you could see it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l4UVwXZitM

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  • 19/08/2019

    I love this little machine. You need to buy the upgrade, the others are for display but the upgrade is very nicely engineered. You need sewing machine oil, lubrication is done by you so don't forget. Fill the little brass fuel tank with two stroke mix, the engine has no circulating oil so a little in the fuel will keep the cylinder sweet. Open the fuel needle valve about two thirds of a turn, switch on the coil, and spin the wheel away from the cylinder. Mine usually goes on the second flick, experiment with fuel settings, you'll soon find out what works. You want the leanest setting that's compatible with the engine firing slow and steady. When correctly tuned the engine makes little smell or noise. I'm getting old and my workshop seems a long way from my bedroom, it's great to have an engine to run whilst I wait for the billy to boil.

    Toon origineel
  • 21/07/2020

    Nice model, it can be not so expensive, governor spring can be softer in order to down rpm, main bearings with too much clearance. Exhaust can be a straight pipe. BR VP

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