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  • 02/08/2021

    They delivered to Me ahead of time and Offered a %30 discount before I placed my order.The drone is an awesome indoor flying toy.The quality is of extremely great materials and very enjoyable to fly .The controller is of good quality and easy to operate with the built in camera is awesome. I recommend anyone who is thinking of purchasing there items from an other company to seriously consider Banggood first as they are the best and have a great follow up service.

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  • 30/03/2022

    What can I say, lol. I've ordered multiple ones. Some for myself and also for family members. I think that says it all really. I have lots of drones from an expensive camera drone that can go 6 miles out, to 100mph Racing Quadcopter, to indoor Tiny Whoops. The Eachine E61 is a fantastic little indoor drone, it hovers in position almost as stably as my £500 camera drone. The Video and Photo Quality won't win you any prizes, but is surprisingly good for such a budget and such a tiny drone. While I remember by all means try the Eachine App, but if the Videos you record are green, look at the same Developers other Apps for one called JY UFO - its the same App with updated screens and most importantly the video works on every device I've tried it on, unlike the Eachine version from the same Developer. They fly well, you might need to press the trim buttons on the controller to get it to hover n exactly the same place and as the battery goes down trim can sometimes need changing again - that might be me being too sensitive or aware of what's happening. You don't have to use with an app if your not videoing or taking pictures and these are great fun for any age if you have more than one for racing, follow the leader or just simple fly through around or land on object games. I prefer these to the little Eachine 010 drones because they handle just as well, if not better and have the camera - DO choose the camera versions its a gimmick but nice to have. Also a great Modification is to get 54 pieces of thin heatshrink and join the prop guards to each other - this gives a more stable 360 degree prop guard that helps by being more stable and stops the guards getting hooked up on furniture or fabrics. Have one piece a different colour and it also helps you to see exactly which direction your pointing - my photos show this with three black sides and the rear in yellow heat shrink. Highly Recommended A++++

    Toon origineel
  • 25/02/2022

    Fantastic, brilliant little drone. Surprised at the video quality, although its definitely not for serious photography or videography because its on a tiny, very tiny drone. Far better than I expected, a lot of fun to fly. Its more an indoor flyer, although I believe it would perform fairly well in a back garden, on a beachor or in a park in very light winds. I love this little drone, its a fantastic aid to practice from the comfort of your home in that it cements the skills needed with a larger drone when turning and heading back towards yourself which for the inexperienced or even the dedicated FPV'er can become rusty at when suddenly switching back to flying VLOS. IMPORTANT - I had trouble with Recording video using the Eachine App. Instead use the App called JY UFO, by the same Developer as the Eachine App and PLEASE read any Alerts Your Phone gives - Of course an App that Connects via WiFi and to the drone and Records Video onto Ypur Phone is quite likely to trigger a security warning because they are areas you'd want any Security App to flag if it detects an App that accesses WiFi and Records to and Accesses Storage - not all security flags are automatically bad they are there to inform, cant believe the number of people who panic uninstall its nuts. Highly Recommended Priduct Great Fun with a Practical Serious side if needed A++++

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  • 06/02/2022

    Awesome beginners drone, it's cute and tiny and also an excellent flyer too. I took my prop guards off as Iike to live dangerously lol q d they broke (my fault). For such a small quad it has a very well written manual and all the same buttons/functions as a mid sized quad like flip button, 3 speeds, trim settings, wi fi camera/app (it's better to fly this line of sight as camera isn't the best on a toy drone). All in all its awesome fun. I suggest practicing with it outdoors first on calm, non windy day, this thing WILL go with the wind, but once you know what you're doing bring it inside. The prop guards are flimsy and will break after 1 or 2 crashes into walls/hard surfaces so be warned as there's no spare prop guards in the box only an extra set of propellers, little screwdriver and usb charger. The drone is pretty robust though considering its size. (See my pics). I've crashed it a few times now and haven't needed to replace any propelers yet! Recommended for beginners and pros, just learn to fly it somewhere sensible before you try flying it around a small room like me lol. Delivery was super quick also to UK!! It took 3 days from a European warehouse during the pandemic times so fair play!!!

    Toon origineel
  • 10/11/2021

    até o momento ótimo comprem com três bateria vale a pena esse que comprei tem camera, a parte boa que esse é bem silêncio comparados aos que eu comprei aqui no Brasil, so não recomendo usar o celular como controle pós o tempo de resposta demora as vezes aí o risco de vc bate o drone e maior fora disso ótimo produto, entrega rapida

    Toon origineel
  • 05/05/2022

    Camera quality a little fuzzy but still fairly clear, about as good as I could have expected for the price. The drone flies really well, is very stable when hovering, and the controls are fairly intuitive. Set up was simple and easy to understand. Incredible value for the price, no complaints!

    Toon origineel
  • 18/12/2021

    very good drone. I bough this as my first drone. pretty durable considering I crashed it like 3 times. 2 batteries would’ve been nice but that version was out of stock

    Toon origineel
  • 19/08/2021

    llegó a tiempo y justo lo que decía en la tienda, solo tener presente los impuestos de importación, no es más

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  • 25/07/2021

    Mini Drone muito bom indicado para iniciantes, sugiro não voar com ventos e não abuse na altura. Não fui taxado.

    Toon origineel
  • 11/04/2022

    absolutely insane i got it 5 days earlier than it said it was gona come so fucking impressed

    Toon origineel

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