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  • 17/11/2021

    Great keyboard, my main driver. I also have 2 60% other with full rgb and swappable switches that don't even come close. The brown switches on mine are great, very good for both gaming and typing. Stabilisers are prelubed and very good with minimal rattle. I think the switches are also lubed... Highly recommended.

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  • 20/12/2020

    One of the best. I've had some mechanical keyboards (Keychron with Gateron and some other on the cheaper end), and this one blows them away. I didn't know how satisfying it is to type on one until I got this. The thump of the keys is really satisfying, and I also like the tactile feedback of the brown switch. You can press to the bottom to hear the thump or you can half press to only make the key register and still get the tactile feedback. The spacebar is very stable and not rattling. The keycaps are PBT double shot and make a satisfying "thump" sound, much lower than the regular thin keycaps. The keyboard is plastic but feels really heavy and solid, I personally like the simple 2 color grey colors and layout - nothing too fancy/shiny, suits my setup. What I like a bit less is maybe the white color of the switches board - I think I would prefer it to be black or of the same grey color... The communication with Banggood was perfect - I had to cancel one keyboard after it was already in processing and it was done without hassle and the refund arrived without a problem. I got the package in under 2 weeks - The DURGOD was shipped in the same day, got to the destination airport in 4 days, and the rest week and a half was spent in my country on customs and last leg... I am extremely satisfied to type out this review on the Durgod, and think I should have bought it earlier instead of experimenting with the cheaper ones. Some call the mx brown swithes too scratchy, so beware... I personally prefer them to the reds because of the tactile feedback, but you may want to go for the red ones...

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  • JUNK


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  • 05/02/2021

    It's a very good mechanical keyboard for beginners, who are looking for a board, that feels premium and don't really need tweaking out of the box. It looks pretty sleek, but it's a personal preference, and honestly I prefer white backlight to RGB. The keycaps feels very nice, and the Cherry Brown switches are great to type on, if you looking for yor first board, don't listen to snobs. It has a slight bump, and a tactile feedback, without the disturbing noise of blue switches. Shipping was faster then expected - it arrived in 10 business days to Hungary and there were no tax and additional fee problem with EU Priority Line shipping. It's very heavy, all the body is made from metal, and feels very premium. The backlight is great but on some keyboard, as others pointed out, it looks a little wierd (enter, shift etc.) All in all I am very statisfied both with the board and the service from Banggood. Absoulutely recommended!

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  • 01/08/2019

    Great keyboard. Case is solid, keycaps in PBT are thick enough. Maybe the prints on keys are hardly visible with leds off, but the effects are many. I don't hear any rattle on the Space and the stabilizers are pre-lubricated. Software is good, you can program every key but FN key (so you can't assign a macro\key to a key-combination). You can also download a profile to the keyboard, in order to avoid to run always the software.

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  • megVIP2

    This is my first mechanical keyboard and I am super happy with it! I bought the brown switches after much deliberation and I am happy that I went with this choice. The lighting on this keyboard is clean and the keycaps feel really high quality. I haven't used it for very long but typing on it is super fun and satisfying, and I love it. My only complaint is that the larger keys and space bar has a quiet metal twang sound to it when you press down a bit harder, but it is barely noticeable so I am not bothered much by it. The package took just about a week to arrive, which felt like the longest wait for me because I was so excited. Overall, I am happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard.

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  • 09/08/2020

    This is absolutely the best mech you can get for 100$. I have bought five other mechanical keyboards, razer huntsman, huntsman TE, blackwidow TE, blackwidow lite, and a cheap one with outemu switches, durgod k320 is way better than all of them, except RGB. The gift cup mat is very nice because it’s made of the durgod mouse pad material, it’s very high quality. I’d love to buy a durgod mouse pad now.

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  • 14/09/2019

    I was super excited to buy this keyboard after doing about 2 months of research on mechanical keyboards. I knew I wanted something that lit up. but didn't want that gamey RGB thing going on...yet. I'm a writer. So the solid white LED's on the Durgod k320 basically locked me in. Cherry browns? Check! I thought I'd have to wait maybe 2-3 weeks for this keyboard to arrive. But to my surprise, it arrived just after a week! That was really a pleasant surprise. One negative thing about the delivery was that they put it against our garage door. Not the safest option due to weather, and/or a thief! Banggood should have a chat with Purolator or Canada post about that. I'm satisfied with the product so I'm too lazy to go there :P The keyboard itself is AMAZING. The layout is so perfect, and the feel of it is so natural. I didn't have to spend time to get used to this at all. I got right into it, and it feels like I'm typing at an incredible pace. I'm excited to jump on this bad boy and type, haha. The light options are such a great perk as well. I change up the lighting patterns, and it makes everything so much more enjoyable. I may buy cherry blues in the future for a more clicky feel, as the browns are quite quiet. That's not a bad point at all, that's just how browns are. I just want Blues too now. Thanks Banggood and Durgod! Satisfied customer here.

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  • 13/05/2020

    As I sit here with my new mechanical keyboard, I can't help but notice how incredible it is to type on this machine. I got Cherry browns and I am not disappointed. Best keyboard I've ever bought. The keyboard itself is heavy which I love, feels like it's not going anywhere. There is no rattle in the keys with stabilizers, whatsoever. You can rest assured, Durgod is quality. Definitely up there with Ducky.

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  • 30/07/2020

    Great keyboard and really super feeling on brown switches. Moved to Durgod from Keychron K6 and don’t regret at all. Even if K6 had Bluetooth feature I’ve found a nicer experience on Durgod and won’t go back. Came with a nice present, a drinks coaster.

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