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  • Sanjay
    2020-01-01 21:58:26

    Nice Microscope, works well with Windows XP, 7 and on Android Phone / Tablet Suction cup adhesion is excellent

  • 2020-05-08 12:38:05


  • 2017-10-03 12:11:06

    See attached pictures. One is an M2 setscrew, another is simple table salt, the third is the end of an acupuncture needle (very fine gauge).All three were taken at full magnification. This product will work well for my uses, but some things should be noted: -- The stand is flexible but doesn't hold its position well. The more traditional microscope stand pictured on the included software cd would be much easier to use. And probably make this product much more expensive. -- The USB connection was

  • 2017-07-25 07:38:20

    Ho ricevuto la versione con PIEDISTALLO SEMPLICE NON A VENTOSA (vedi foto). La risoluzione effettiva del microscopio è VGA 640x480 pixel con uno zoom regolabile a mano da 50x a 500x. A 50x il microscopio deve essere posto a circa 4cm dall'oggetto da ingrandire, mentre a 500x deve essere molto più vicino, quasi a toccare l'oggetto per avere la messa a fuoco che non è regolabile. Per questo, se usato in campo elettronico è utile solo per ispezionare PCB, componenti e saldature etc, ma non va bene

  • 2019-01-30 09:16:01

    + compared to my existing USB microscope the image quality looks better (at least at low magnification) + calibration chart included - description and package says suction stand. Actually it comes with a simple stand which does not stick at all. - Field of view at mimimum magnification is about 10mm. Maximum useable magnification is about 2.5 times higher (field of view about 4 mm). Higher magnifications could not be used, as the minimum distance is limited by the clear tube. - Actual resolution

  • Axidoys
    2018-04-26 04:43:06

    Très étonné, fonctionne bien, essayé que sur téléphone en OTG mais sur l'atelier d'éléctronique ou pour faire de l'observation de nature à la volée c'est le plus adapté. Du côté de l'image pas grand chose à redire, possibilité de prendre des photos et vidéos, je regrette une distance focale trop courte en zoom mini: impossible de prendre un dixième d'une PCB, donc il y a mieux (en même temps on est sur un produit à ~10$). Je regrette franchement la fixation, la ventouse ne tient

  • gmfee
    2017-09-27 02:59:51

    Vu le prix je pensais avoir acheté un jouet. Franchement je suis étonné de la qualité des images. Seul bémol, le support de qualité innommable, une touchette sur le fil et le réglage est a refaire. Cette camera mérite beaucoup mieux. Je retire une étoile de qualité à cause de ce support. Cette camera cause une erreur (Win8) sur port USB1 mais fonctionne parfaitement sur l'USB2 mais cela peut-être dû à mon matériel qui n'est pas très traditionnel. Les photos d'une résistance (50x),

  • 2017-09-08 17:02:35

    I thought I'd use this as a tool to assist me in circuit board troubleshooting and repair. However it's not quite exactly what I was looking for. It works but not quite suited to the purpose I had in mind. Let me hasten to say it's a good product and works well. I hoped it would work similar to a magnifying glass but electronically. I have to place it very close to the object I am working on to get a clear view of only part of the circuit. I guess I need one of it's high-end counterparts.

  • elfohot
    2017-08-29 10:01:44

    Impresionante microscopio de Dainu, fácil manejo, facil instalación y unos resultados impresionantes. Gran herramienta de medición, ademas viene con el manual en portugues e ingles y chino, y el programa que lo acompaña viene en multilenguaje, muy eficiente para el video, fotos y medicion de objetos. El envio rápido y con entrega en mi domicilio en mano, muy practico y eficaz. Hay un video en Youyube HTTPS://youtu.be/7uFuuLnzp-k

  • 2017-07-15 16:54:33

    A microscope used for my age when my eyes did not help me, and there was a CD with the necessary software and driver in the box. I installed it on a laptop with windows 7 pro, it worked from the first. It focuses well at a distance of 2-3 cm, the resolution of 640 x 480 is good for viewing on your laptop. The suction cup only stands on very fine glass surfaces or very varnished furniture, I have to make another support to make it easier to use the digital microscope. A good quality / price ratio.


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