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FlingingChopstick 2018-02-23 02:57:52
I first bought a Tevo Tarantula because, being new to 3D printing, I wanted to learn each part and function. It was not a great experience. It is not a well designed printer either, but the price was right. So, then I paid basically double the price the CR-10. It's a great machine and I've made many successful prints. However, there was one critical problem, which I found after searching 3D forums is very, very common with the CR-10. The glass for the heat bed is poor quality. There is a dip in the center of the glass. Meaning, it's not level, thus it's impossible to level your bed! Doing small prints works OK, but larger prints fail constantly. I replaced the glass with a high quality glass build plate made specifically for 3D printing,($50+) and now it works like a champ. So be ready to replace the glass when you buy the CR-10. Unless you are only printing small things. Also, DON"T use tape. For PLA heat up your bed to 60C and put some glue stick on your print area. It will stick every time. Also, If you are looking to print things like PETG, you will need to replace the nozzle and hot end. It won't get to the minimum 230C required. It seems to top out at about 220-225C. But, I still think it was worth the money spent.

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