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  • 23/01/2022

    Хороший аппарат! Меряет все основные параметры воздуха, а также показывает общее состояние качества воздуха. Питается от USB type C, внутри ещё есть встроенный аккумулятор. В общем можно ориентироваться на интегральну оценку качества воздуха, если 1 или 2 - то все хорошо. Если больше - уже смотреть, какие вещества в воздухе присутствуют в избытке. А для этого нужно взять прилагаемую инструкцию - в ней есть таблица со значениями. Сам же прибор не показывает, по какому параметру превышены ПДК, только численные значения этих параметров. Приехал в родной очень прочной коробке, сломать при пересылке нереально. Я доволен, рекомендую.

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  • 05/04/2022

    This tool has major software and hardware issues. I put it to my room, and i switched on. Its shows 13ppm CO and 523ppm Co2. roomtemp : 21 C test 1: I waited 1 hour, its stable. I went out to the yard, the Co2 and Co drops immedietly around 200ppm, seems like its ok, BUT, I put it to a stone, I wait, and its went back to ~520. After I walked in to my house, the tool went to dizzy, the Co2 jumped to 3000, and its didnt stops, its just went higher and higher, then I switched off. test 2: I recharged the tool, and I waited 1 hour in my room, its stable. I put it into a plastic bag, and i blow up it, when the tool in it. The Co and the Co2 jumps to 300/1600ppm hurray, looks works, but NO. When I left the tool in the bag to 1 hour, its went back to 520ppm again. So the problem is, you wont know the real values, Its useless to monitorize your room's air quality, because it will be always ~523 (this number maybe depends temperature, humidity, etc). You will see the difference between 2 rooms, but you never know the real live values, its always going to the default. Im very sad and disappointed.

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  • 31/12/2021

    Very nice and useful object. Shipping was very fast. I am very satisfied. Thanks Bangood. Serious and correct seller.

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  • 08/04/2022

    Good unit for general evaluation of air quality but not the best for constant monitoring as after prolonged use (hours, days) numbers spike considerably. Issue is resolved by resetting the unit. Excellent however considering price. I am very happy with the device.

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  • 08/12/2021

    Very good

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  • CanVIP4

    Oldukça hassas çalışıyor.

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  • 31/01/2022

    Pour l'instant je le change de pièce, je le reset, il me donne des valeurs à peu près semblable, salon avec cheminée, cuisine, chambre, véranda ventilée...

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    Szerintem a készülék nem alkalmas CO2 mérésére, Minden helyzetben a CO2 520ppm körüli értékre áll be.

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  • 31/10/2021

    This is NOT by any means a precision scientific instrument. However, for the price it provides a lot of close enough information that it could give you cause, if needed, to perform a more accurate test of your air quality. Compact enough to fit in most pockets to take with you for air quality testing where ever you go. The enclosed battery is small (850mah) & not replaceable, giving limited detector time before needing recharging. By taking with you a 5vdc USB battery bank you can get extended testing of air quality in remote locations. All-in-all, a hell-of-a lot of portable data at a very good price until something better comes along, which is the norm for the electronics industry. Unfortunately this site didn't allow my pics to be included even though they were jpg. Richard

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  • 23/02/2022

    I give 5x stars and I could recommend it because: - It is working very well and it seems very good value for money. I would definitely buy it again. - Very interesting results are for example by measurement of the breath. The face mask w/o exhaust you will probably never carry if not mandatory. - Wide tolerance 0-30% is practically not an issue. Important is to observe differences between different areas. e.g. : One area with windows has 0,2 TVOC, behind the doors in corridor is 6,0 TVOC – very dirty, and by the source of the pollution, which you could with this device identify (in this case it was machine for cleaning of the shoes with some chemistry inside) is 12,0 TVOC – totally crazy. - Small pocket size like old-school mobile phone. 12*6*2,5 cm. Quiet, discreet, no sound. - Display is good readable and is protected with foil. Charging with USB-C and battery is sufficient for enough long testing. - To test new car because of new materials / old car for potential leakage of exhaust in to the cabin. It is many purpose device. - From Banggood is any problem with EU taxes – already paid. - Fast delivery. Remark: After purchasing I started testing at home. It showed always the same result AQI 2 (Air Quality Index of 6x levels). I was thinking: "Maa maybe it does not work" however it was everywhere only almost clean air. Measurement of the breath shows very polluted air AQI 5-6 from scale which is max. 6! CO, CO2, HCHO (formaldehyde), same as the TVOC´s (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) What about crazy idea to breath our own “exhaust” in case it is not really necessary. Test in modern factory shows interesting results. In production halls with dozens of workers it was incredibly high ppm of the CO, CO2 and also the other values were very high. Total AQI was 4-6 (6 is max.). Corridors + better ventilated area were AQI 3. Near chemical production the TVOC incresed from 0,2 to 14,0 - 17,0 or more. Overall: the device is good and useful. I can recommend it.

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