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  • 29/11/2017

    Ordered 5 got 7 :-) Thank you very much for the premature Christmas gift! The only thing, I have to criticize is that both outputs are labeled "OUT -" (see picture)

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  • 24/12/2020

    Works amazingly for such a small thing. It is so small, it is difficult to solder wires and you need a 1mm screwdriver to adjust. However, once adjusted it has very good input regulation ( see images). From 8.90 to 14.50V input the output changes only 1mV! The input must be at least 1.5V above the desired output for it to work. Adjusting to 3.3V is very touchy if you try to hit 3.30V exactly. I have not tested it for loads regulation or at high current yet.

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  • 05/03/2019

    Modulo Step Down Tensione in ingresso: DC da minimo 4.75V a massimo 23V Tensione di uscita: DC da 1.0V a massimo 17V regolabile tramite la piccola vite. Molto utile per piccoli progetti di modellismo e tanto altro.

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  • 17/10/2015

    After studying pictures & checking mp2307 datasheet i decided to buy them because pin 7 is enable pin connected via 100K (easily modifiable). See my picture [if BG has placed it] for a simulated low-drop 4-pin regulator. Now the item itself....... Packed in antistatic bags and very small. Pot-meter is too small so also too sensitive. A small bump might shift it several volts and destroy something. I recommend removing the pot-meter and use a [calculated] fixed resistor. But 1st check on-board resistors as "R2" is 8.2K (in my shipment) not 10K as in reference design from datasheet. So for 5V you need 36124 ohm. Recommended if you are willing to remove the pot-meter. Enable pin also usable. Most important though, fixed a DVD-TV combo with it.

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  • 08/06/2015

    Bought several of these for some micro LED arrays for a model railway. Stays cool under load, adjustment is a little tricky but with a small homemade turner glued on to the adjuster it was fine. Word of advice - The underside has power 'in' & 'out' marked for a reason..!

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  • 26/05/2017

    Video de funcionamiento mas abajo. 5 unidades de una fuente paso bajo muy potente y equilibrada. No tiene fallos,muy sensible. No tiene calentamiento al trabajar a 2 amperios Con tres amperios hay riesgo de estropearse. 100% compra recomendada.

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  • 30/03/2017

    Very good, excellent quality, soon I will record a test video and set up on my Youtube channel, "Um Nerd Vintage"

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  • 07/12/2021

    Very small board true to it's word and durable. Does not heat up much this is an excellent chip that can be used in many different applications, it's tiny size makes this a winner!

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  • 17/11/2021

    Great Adjustable Step-Down Modules that are quite small. I used one to modify my rechargeable beard trimmer with dead Nicad batteries, to work with USB power, or in fact, any DC power source between 5 and 23 Volts. Cheap and good quality and very usable as long as you do not need more than max 1.8 Amp continuous current.

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  • Nunito

    Já utilizo a bastante tempo. Boa qualidade, não pode faltar na bancada de trabalho. Visita o meu canal do YouTube, FlyerFpv.

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