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  • arenaud
    2016-08-12 19:27:55

    Used as a solar triggered WiFi Daylight control. To reverse the relay operation Just exchange the 5Y3 transistor (NPN) for a (PNP) generic transistor such as a 2n2907. I used an A56. Be sure to exchange the emitter and collector leads.

  • elipaz
    2016-02-25 02:56:24

    Ordered 2 modules. Received 2 different modules. One as in the picture, and another one that looks different (not the same PCB). Ordered this modules after I had tested one about a month ago, and it's working fine.

  • dado099
    2018-03-09 07:05:05

    Nothing much to say, it does what is intended to do. Works OK.

  • 2020-01-31 05:11:19

    Fast delivery in good order, Thanks.

  • HGiese
    2020-01-27 02:16:28

    einfach und gut 😊

  • 2020-01-03 10:52:57

    Envio perfecto, falta prueba de la pieza

  • Charlie
    2020-01-02 00:35:25

    Top timer units, works well and delivered in prefect condition and time.

  • bea099
    2019-10-31 05:35:11

    Already bought 3, all works OK as expectation. Very useful little device. Recomended

  • 2015-12-15 21:47:53

    The instructions do not mention anything about the TRIGGER-SW, (below the relay) but after playing around, I have found that shorting the centre pin and the upper pin MOMENTARILY will re-start the timer - either of the poles of the switch will work), (The bottom switch pins do nothing). This is an important omission in the product description and instructions because this means that a remote switch could be introduced to re-start the timer and thus make it more useful in other applications also.

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  • 2016-12-07 21:14:03

    I too have the timing issues. The interesting thing is that the lower end timings are pretty close. I think what hashappenede isthat the wrong pots have been fitted as they seem to make virtually no difference at all. Thus I have ordered some Bourns 100k, 500k and (just in case!) 1M pots. I'll replace them and report back in a week or so. This should work - and indeed it half does, it should be fairly easy to make it go the full mile. We have to remember, these things are dirt cheap for a very

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