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Kenno 2019-11-26 00:36:35
Works well on my Vespa needing 29 and 26 psi. The dial is in psi and a bit small as you can see, still functional. Will also do Balls and air mattresses, so that's a thought. Keep your expectations in line with the photo. This is a high-speed motor running on 12 V only and 12-24 amps. It's duty cycle is 10 minutes and if you have a flat, it will take a while and it is not for large vans or trucks. I use it only to top up a slow leak in a low-pressure tyre, so it's fine for that. The pressure measure is separate from the pumping hose, so check the pressure, pump, check the pressure, pump, etc. It has an LED, okay fine. It says you can break a window with the pressure tester assembly using the device as a hammer - doubtful, but maybe if you really need to. It comes with a 12V car lighter power take-off, and the cord should be long enough to reach most tires/tyres. The packing is English only. The instructions are sadly, very poorly translated English only. Worse if you're an American, it's translated into UK English and metric, so tire is spelt with a y, not an i and kg/m^2 is the metric equiv of psi. "If you run the unit for 10 minutes, it will get a fever..." It will get hot, let it cool down before pumping more air.

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