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  • 2016-08-15 08:23:19

    The controller does, what he has to do. The manual is in english and german! The mesurement of the voltage, current, and temperature aree not very exactly (watch pic 13.0V vs. 12.60V). The overload protection comes with 14.9V (int. display), this is maybe to much for many bateries. The light of the display is everytime on, cannot be switched off.

  • fulmua
    2018-03-23 10:19:16

    I asked two but one of them has a failure the load current display doesn't work, it display always 0.0A. with different loads.

  • Pyraz28
    2016-04-25 14:26:36

    Sterownik nabyłem jakiś czas temu i był testowany. Akumulator jest ładowany do napięcia około 14,2V, potem jest odłączany. Zabezpieczenie przed nadmiernym rozładowaniem aku, działa przy napięciu 10,6V. Wyjście 12V, zapewnia stałe napięcie dopóki napięcie akumulatora jest wyższe o około 0,5-0,6V, potem sukcesywnie maleje. Wyjście 5V, bez obciążenia ma 4,98V, przy obciążaniu napięcie przetwornicy rośnie do 5Vprzy obciążeniu na poziomie 1A. Napięcie na akumulatorze, mierzone

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  • 2017-11-25 07:40:14

    I've purchased 4 of these controllers and this is my 5th. you can use these in many configurations. I highly recommend using 24volts with car batteries...seems to last longer that way and is cheaper. There is no dump load however they do stop charging when battery is full. The lcd displays current amps input/output and voltage being used. If you use 24v you can still plug 12v and 5v into provided ports; The screw terminals are 24v however so be careful. 12v will power a small 300w inverter.

  • Valery
    2016-04-26 07:16:04

    заказ получен. блок работает. уже обкатал с паре с солнечной панелью. показывает ток заряда батареи от панели, ток нагрузки, температуру блока. на большой ток нагрузки пока не пробовал. блок компактный, ничего лишнего. спасибо.

  • Nguyen
    2016-07-03 12:30:22

    The charge controller works well connected to 1 100 watt panel and 2 12v batteries in parallel. 24V in series did NOT work because the charge controller refused to charge at 24V even though there was sun out and with a reset. Overall, the controller charges via USB has 2 12V outputs totalling 2 amp output combined. There's "lamp" connector that provides a direct? connection to the battery. The display is useful in showing the battery voltage, charging current, and usage current as well. Very good

  • fanie
    2016-04-09 11:47:45

    Pros: displays input current, current battery voltage and output current simutaneously! on/off button for output (only tested this with USB and fron 12V outputs) dual USB dual 12V socket output Cons: VERY difficult to read display from top-down view USB slots be too close to each other no external temperature probe included Temperature reading sometimes jumps the 75degC reading for less than a second a few times although temperature is okay on unit.

  • 2017-12-27 17:34:00

    It's as good as it appeared, current output to load, along with battery and panel voltages. The back-lit LCD display is easy viewing, even though using very little quiescent power. The red button switches off the load when you leave! I love it and will buy this brand again.

  • 2016-01-31 05:47:42

    Great value product. It can be used with a lot of solar projects; a lot of features make this product great. Nice usb ports and double plug in with 12v current. Clear display with a lot of useful information as voltage of the battey and amperage!

  • yvanl
    2016-01-30 04:10:24

    I was not able to test it yet because of the weather here. But at first look it seems to be a good product.


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