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  • ayudag
    2020-06-06 04:49:39

    Прекрасный товар, дошел достаточно быстро, плюс карантин :) Все работает, после проверки с аккумуляторами добавлю отзыв! Упаковка желает лучшего, немного замят край панели и посередине загиб, пока все работает.

  • Nivaldo
    2020-01-06 09:38:33

    Ótimo produto, qualidade e bom preço!!

  • 2020-07-30 15:32:42

    These look like they are made well however, there is NO WAY they are 100 watts. I get 10-13 watts in full California sun.

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  • jhayahr
    2020-04-06 14:28:54

    nice solar

  • 2020-08-07 18:09:12

    I purchased this solar panel before doing my homework. Volts x Amps = watts. 18v x 1.2 amps = 21.6 watts. It's ok if you are charging a cellphone. I wanted to connect to an AGM Battery and power inverter to run 2 - 29 gallon aquariums for a few hours. 21 watts won't cut it. This is a light duty solar panel. I taped the wire down to the back of the panel that comes out of the junction box as it almost pulled out from just handling it. I will glue down the wire. I wish the description was more accurate.

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  • 2020-08-02 05:22:50

    I feel cheeted, i Ordered 2 Panels, Only one set of kabels succers carabiners etc. was includet and the worst is, that the pannel do not produce 100 W peek but only a max output of about 35 W in max bright sunlight. So what Do you plan to do for compensation. To sent 60 % of the Money back would Do or sent waterprof Pannels with a real 100 W peek. I will wait a max of 5 Days for a sufficient answer. Best regards Eberhard Adenstedt

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  • g8aso
    2020-07-22 01:00:34

    Better quality than I expected, laminated onto a flexible plastic panel and much more useable than the glass and aluminium solar cells. Light and flexible and work very well although I don't get 18v, it is more than adequate to keep 12v batteries fully charged. There is a USB socket on the back for charging phones etc. This can easily be packed in a suitcase without getting broken and compared to the older version is much lighter. 4 holes punched through so easy to fix permanently or temporarily. Don't

  • JayBee
    2020-08-06 04:55:05

    Not 100 watts... Measured at 27 Watts in the summer sun at noon. Still does the job we needed it for but disappointing it is not the claimed 100 Watts. BangGood needs to test what they sell.

  • 2020-07-27 12:16:17

    Доставка курьером IML до двери. Доставка ровно за одну неделю. Качество товара, сохранность и комплектность визуально хорошее. Сейчас вечер, как работает протестирую утром. Продавцу и службе доставки, спасибо

  • 2020-06-28 11:25:02

    Charges a cellphone even on a cloudy day within a few hours. Exposed directly into the sun, my iPhone XR was charges from 15% to 100% in 3,5 hours. I'd buy again!


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