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  • 09/01/2022

    Transmitter remote programming: 1. Power on, pair code, long press 2s to enter the custom programming mode, the LED light flashes at this time, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on 2. After entering the custom programming, press the front, back, left and right keys to demonstrate the program programming, you can combine the , such as: front + left / right, back + left / right, the action changes to 1 mode count, a total of 14 modes can be set, each The time of the mode is the button duration, no more than 5 minutes. During the programming process, the LEDs are flashing, and the buttons are pressed to be always on. 3. Press the demo button again briefly, and the remote control car will perform the action demonstration according to the mode in turn. 4. Hold: If you have gone to the programming mode, press the no function button, the LED will automatically exit the programming mode after flashing 10, and the presentation will remain the last order. 5. During the demonstration, press the function key back and forth. The demo will stop and press the demo button to re-present 6. Restart, if there is no power, it will not be saved, re-energize and then re-program Package included: 1x rc car 1x transmitter 1x charger

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  • 29/12/2021

    Super super fast shipping!!!Excellent sale price!!!Car doesn't have green or blue wheels!!...Car came with green rims and black rubber tires unlike description shows and say's!!!Other than that it seems like a cool lil rc car!!!!Can't wait to test out and hope everything operates as should!!..!Comes with USB charger for the built in battery!!Has remote control without batteries...Seems like the body on car maybe a lil loose and may have trouble staying on!!!We will know eventually after testing it!!!!Thank you Banggood!!!

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  • 08/11/2021

    He tenido y tengo varios coches rc de la escala 1/32. Este en concreto cumple a la perfección con su tarea, al igual que los vehículos que tengo que cuestan más de 6 ó7 veces más. El acelerador es proporcional, con un gradiente muy intuitivo y suave. la velocidad mínima de desplazamiento es muy muy lenta y la top speed más que de sobra para el tamaño que tiene, a plena velocidad se siente ingobernable, esta escala es ideal para jugar en el salón/habitacion, incluso encima de una cama doble te pasas un buen rato. El tiempo de uso . aprox 20min. depende de la velocidad y maniobras. El tiempo de carga. aprox 20/25min. El grip de los neumaticos(no desmontables) es perfecto!! en suelo resbaladizo tipo gres todavía se puede ir rápido con control. sobre moqueta, su radio de giro se cierra notablemente, aumentando en gran medida su capacidad de maniobra. Su dirección no es proporcional, aun siendo así. su maniobra es muy suave e intuitiva. El conector de carga del coche está bajo la carcasa, totalmente inaccesible sin manipular la carrocería, algo totalmente evitable solo con hacer un taladro en la carcasa para dejar a la vista el puerto de carga, que es muy muy pequeño y hay que tratarlo con cuidado.

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  • 06/01/2022

    This little buggy is a blast to drive indoors. It's tough and cheap. The transmitter has a high and low speed. On high speed the buggy can be a handfull but on low speed the handling is pretty good. The acceleration and top speed on high speed setting is quite impressive. This is my 4th buggy and i use the chassis to convert the Tamiya and Nikko Mini buggies (the 1/32 scale Junior series) into actual RC cars.

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  • 03/02/2022

    First thing's first...I am 100% new to the RC world. I've always enjoyed playing with them, but all the Walmart one's I've ever messed with broke within weeks. This Bezgar truck thing is AWESOME. The body is reinforced, has metal skid plates, and seems to be pretty indestructible. The 365 day warranty is the cherry on top. The battery life lasts about 18 min full speed, and is like a little AWD rocket shooting across the ground. The suspension is awesome, and the traction is amazing. Stephanie, with Bezgar customer service, has been nothing short of amazing. She hooked me up with a free battery due to a previous review saying you got a free item for registering the warranty, despite the company recently stopping doing that service. I have NO DOUBT that if anything happens to my truck within the next year, replacement/repair of this truck should be nothing with a company like this. Skip buying trucks from all of those other brands like DEERC and the other companies with a 90 day warranty, and go with Bezgar. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

    Toon origineel
  • 26/01/2022

    Ein richtiges kleines Fun Auto, ideal für die Wohnung. ( aber bitte nicht auf Teppich fahren ) Erstaunlich schnell, ist dieses kleine Teil. Die Lenkung reagiert nicht so exakt und schnell wie die großen RC Auto´s , aber es macht wirklich Spaß damit zu fahren. Bedenklich halte ich es nur, wenn man Katzen in der Wohnung hat, diese könnten es echt mit einer Maus verwechseln und jagen. Für die Fernbedienung werden 2 Batterien Typ AA benötigt, das Batteriefach ist mit einer kleinen Schraube gesichert, sodass Kinder diese nicht einfach raus nehmen können, das Auto hat ein integriertes Akku, was mit einem mitgelieferten USB Kabel aufgeladen werden kann. Das Chassi und der Heckflügel sind simpel mit einem Klettverschluss befestigt, aber es funktioniert. Vorsicht ist geboten, wenn man das Chassi abmachen will, um das Akku zu laden. Sollten somit nicht die Kinder machen. Fazit, für um die 10 Euro ein schönes Fun Auto für die Wohnung.

    Toon origineel
  • 17/01/2022

    So far the best chassis from my collection of 1:32 rc cars. Better steering gear, softer plastic on the front arms, rear suspension can be adjusted. The button on the rc transmitter is not used, in other types it is used for acceleration mode.

    Toon origineel
  • 26/01/2022

    I bought three of those, to bridge quarantine boredom with my two boys. Luckily, the package came through super-fast, and all three are working as described. The cars are almost too fast for our small living room. One drawback is that the batteries came nearly fully charged, which is a big no-go for Lipos. Let's see how much that reduces longevity. Another problem could lie in the flimsy steering wheels on the remotes. I have seen my boys rip off the endpoint limiters on such things before. But overall, it is a fair deal for the money.

    Toon origineel
  • 07/04/2022

    Petites voitures rc reçues en un temps record. Les photos ne correspondent pas au modèle reçu mais est préférable donc pas de soucis. Il y a eu une nette amélioration par rapport aux anciens modèles, les roues qui ne sont plus de mousseais caoutchouc ce qui leur procure plus de vélocité mais aussi moins souples aux suspensions mais aussi plus lourdes de 10%. La télécommande a retrouvé ses deux modes low et high, qui sont réellement intéressants. La télécommande est volumineuse pour peu d'utilité, Autonomie toujours super, ce ne sont pas des batteries au lithium mais un condensateur. La recharge est très rapide, selon le chargeur. Je mets 20 min max. Je conseille pour les enfants comme pour les adultes

    Toon origineel
  • 31/12/2021

    Amazing little RC car. I've jumped it, drove it on wood floor and carpet and my son's have both had lots of fun playing with this little car. The proportional throttle really makes this car work so well and its a great way to introduce kids (and adults) to proportional controls and their benefits. Its super fast at full throttle but still controllable, a light squeeze on the controller will make it go super slow and you can navigate a complex track very easily. Charging is super easy with the charger connecting directly into the car. My only wish is that they could fit a bigger battery in this as it's so addictive I could play with it all day!

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